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Uterus Rupture & Want Another Baby
An_239463 posted:
In 2005 i had sugery to remove fibroids that where near the uterus. the doc let me know the sugery was successful and i could have children. In 2007 i got pregnant and went into labor at 34 weeks and had a C-section. As a result my uterus ruptured and my baby boy was in the NICU for 2 weeks. i was very scared. Since then my doctor has informed me that i should not have anymore children. i am only 30 and desperately want another baby. My son is now almost 4 and completely healthy (Thank God!), i am seriously thinking about having another baby. i am so terrified at the thought of anything losing a baby, and possibly the chance of raising my amazing son that i already have. HELP! please anyone provide so advice or words of encouragement.
htma4494 responded:
Lurking from 3rd tri: Hi, I am sorry you are facing this difficult decision. Maybe you should get a 2nd opinion, and/or seek a high risk specialist for advice before choosing to conceive or not to conceive...Either way, your health and safety is very important, so I hope that ultimately the decison you make, will be in the best intrest, but please do get a 2nd opinion..God Bless!
mommyroux replied to htma4494's response:
Thanks so much for responding! my next step is to locate a high risk specialist for advice. there is little research out there and my doctor has provided little information. He has let me know that i should not have anymore children and maybe i should consider adoption or seragate. Both are very expensive. Even though my doctor is great i need to see a specialist for even more information. Please keep in prayers. God Bless you and your family!
robinsonlee responded:
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