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Ovarian Cyst
kimijolarue posted:
I couldn't find anywhere else to post this, and there isnt much information available online on the subject. Ive been sick for months now, and 6 weeks ago I went to a recommended OB and he said based on uterus size I was 12 to 13 weeks preg. (which fit when my periods stopped but I hadn't gotten a positive hpt yet) At what would have been my 16/17 week appt, my family and I opted to do the blood test for downs and cf. they called and said that the test came back abnormal and they thought my dates were off. The ultrasound revealed that I'm only just now 12 weeks but that I have a large cyst on my right ovary. Its as big as the baby if not bigger. Im waiting on phone calls from the doctor, and am scared senseless. this is my family and I's first baby. Im single, and my parents adopted me when i was 10 so neither of us know whats going on. Can you carry full term with a cyst this large? what happens if it ruptures? can I still work? I have a very physical job. Wow... didn't plan to post a book. Any help or links for information is great.
Brubee responded:
Hi kimi! I just had surgery two weeks ago to remove an ovarian cyst. It was on my left ovary and it was huge! 6 inches in diamiter bigger than the baby at that point. I had no idea that it was even there. no pain nothing! The docs found it at my 8 week appt. This is my second baby so I was like what the heck is that when I saw it on the ultrasound.
Any way since it was so large the doc said it had to be surgicaly removed. I had to wait until I was 15 weeks and out of the first tri to make sure the babe could handle the general anistesea. The surgery itself was fairly routine, they did an ultrasound before and after the surgery to make sure the babe was ok and it was. They did mine laproscopaly five very small incisions I was sent home that night. They ended up having to take most of my ovary as it was so streched and entangled with the cyst. I was pretty much back to normal after a week.
I was very scared about it rupturing so I took it pretty easy Im a stay at home mom so that was helpful for me. Talk to the doc to see if there are precautions you should take. If it ruptures you will know it, It causes an imense amount of pain. All in all I am very happy to have it out and am now on my way to a healthy and hopefully uneventful rest of my pregnancy. I hope all goes well for you and please post back if you have any questions or need to talk. ~Britt.
kimijolarue replied to Brubee's response:
Hey britt!
good to hear from someone. ive switched doctors and moved back to my hometown so things are a bit less stressful. the doc wants to drain it with a needle because it gets a burning pain whenever the baby bumps that side. its a major jumper so right now we are waiting and watching. Ill have a sono every 2 weeks until its safe enough to operate unless they have to do emergency. im on permanent work leave now because i have a couple other problems. nothing to do but start setting up the nursery. we are planning on keeping the sex a surprise.

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