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I dont have a blood clotting disorder!
jasminbear posted:
So I dont have a blood clotting disorder but my doctor wants to put me on Lovenox injections plus Aspirin because I had 2 miscarriages. I'm so confused. Why would I need these injections if all my labs are normal??
candy352 responded:
I'm not sure about the Lovenox injections, but I was placed on baby aspirin to use as a blood thinner. I don't have a blood clotting disorder either, but the doctor told me that it may help for the fluid to get through the placenta to the amniotic sac. My fluid was extremely low before taking the aspirin and now it has increased soooo much. When a doctor prescribes something, I have to ask what is the purpose. Try asking him his reasoning for prescribing both.
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lpfeifer responded:
It could be the "unknown"......your blood tests can come back normal but there are certain protiens in your blood that can make things unfriendly to pregnancy. Oddly enough it is not fully known how Lovenox works but it is thought to work with these proteins. Sometimes when all else fails Lovenox has been shown to help women to carry the baby when they have a history of miscarriages for unknown reasons. I hope this isnt confusing but it is one of those things where your Dr. may prescribe Lovenox because it seems to help the baby stick,even though it is not known how. I hope that helped a little.

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