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Introducing Mom and Baby
candy352 posted:
If you are interested, join the list and I will try to maintain it the best I can.

Join our weekly list and learn how far along everyone is, find due date buddies, and track some important dates. I'll update it every week, so you can follow everyone's journey.

Your first name (or the name you want us to use)
Gestational Age (weeks, days)
Your Estimated Due Date (EDD or EDC)
Your Team (see below for info on Teams)
Important Dates (ultrasound, etc.)
Baby Names (if you've picked any, no last name)
High-Risk Condition

BLUE Team = Boy
PINK Team = Girl
GREEN Team = Don't know yet, but will!
YELLOW Team = Not going to find out (until baby is born)
PURPLE Team = Know, but not telling anyone
PLAID Team = Boy/Girl Twins

Current List

Candy-28w4d - Team Yellow - Type 2 Diabetes--Dennis Samuel or Chastity Grace

Amanda --7w6d - Team Green - Type 2 Diabetes and Incompetent Cervix--Mckenzie Mariah or Leland Micheal

Important Dates

10/21--Amanda next OB appt
10/21--Candy next OB appt
11/7--Candy next US
11/21--Amanda next US
Candy 26, DF 37, First baby! EDD 1/6/12, Dennis Samuel or Chastity Grace. Team Yellow Rocks!!!

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