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Uncontrollable nausea, chronic sinusitis
jenharlem215 posted:
I am on my third day of nausea that will not go away. I feel this way almost 24/7, after I eat and when I am doing normal day-to-day activites. I have drank warm Ginger ale and have eaten saltine crackers, but no longer helps. Now my chronic sinusitis is flaring up right now...have been sick for a week...cannot breathe through my nose and have severe pain on the left side of my head, particularly around my left eye. This is affecting me so much to the point where I missed work the past two days and wondering if I can return to work.
mandynmickey414 responded:
as far as the nausea try to eat small amounts nothing to much also try to drink lots of water as far as your sinustis i would contact your ob or primary to see what you can take for it while your preg also see if they can give you something for the nausea i know my ob gave me zolfran this time round last time gave me phenagan and it helps hope this helps also remember most preg wemon are nauseas because their stomaches get empty and if you just nibble on soemthign it can help nibble most of the day see if it helps also some wemon cant handle the vitemins and all and react like the throwing up and all hope you feel better if you feel no better by this weekend make an apt for your sinus ok

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