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mb5222010 posted:
Hello, I was wondering if anyone is having the same issue. I recently suffered my first miscarriage and was tested for a blood disorder because some of my family have had trouble with clots. I was told I have MTHFR one copy c667t and one copy A1298C. So was referred to a hematologist he said that my homocysteine levels are normal so it is nothing, just take the normal prenatal vitamins. He said it is so controversial that it even has anything to do with miscarriage. I am trying to get pregnant again and scared that I am not doing everything i can to protect a future baby. I have seen posts that even with normal levels woman are taking precautions. Any advice on whether I should get a second opinion or not would be great.
HollyTH responded:

I am so sorry for your loss. Because you have the MTHFR polymorphism, you have a limited ability to metabolize folic acid into its active form, L-methylfolate. Folic acid is synthetic and must be broken down in a four-step process. I work with NeevoDHA which contains L-methylfolate as an alternative to folic acid. You might want to ask you OB about it. L-methylfolate is increases blood folate levels and decreases homocysteine levels more effectively than folic acid.

Babycenter has a large community of MTHFR ladies if you need advice. They have a wealth of information. I wish you the best of luck trying to concieve and I hope you have a bfp in the very near future!

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