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Weak Cervix
SimonaSwaby posted:
Ok, I have a quick question has anyone ever lost there baby to a weak cervix. And also when you get pregnant again do your baby survive?
mandynmickey414 responded:
have a condition called incompitant cervix basicly what it is is when your preg your cervix is weak or thin and cant hold tha bbay in you long enough for it to survive my opinion to you is to talk to your doc about it and when you do get preg see if you are a canidate for a stich they place it in your cervix to help keep it closed useually goes in round 12 to 16 weeks gestatiion also talk to your doc about progesterone shots too i am goging to be starting them soon in the next few weeks they are giving from 16 wks to 36 wks and they also help and all the stich is removed at 37 wks the stich worked for me to get me to 33 wks 5 d gestation and i had a healthy baby boy he may have been early by just over 6 wks but he didnt need any help he was also in good weight for his gestation he was 6lbs 6 oz at birth i am 11 wks preg now and am getting scheduled for the stick on the 21st ill know when they will do it hope this helps like i said though talk to your doc befor anythign and when it will be safe to try to conceive again ok

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