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RH negative
peachychick54 posted:
I am RH negative, not pregnant yet, never have been, but am planning on getting pregnant in the next couple of years. Does anyone know if it would be considered a high risk pregnancy because I am RH negative?
phoenix31674 responded:
I'm pretty sure that it won't make you high risk. Obviously your doc needs to know about it (especially if your partner is Rh ). There is a very simple drug remedy that needs to be given to you if that's the case, but this is something very easily dealt with.
peachychick54 replied to phoenix31674's response:
Thanks! I'm really wanting to give birth at a birthing center so I'm hoping that won't interfere with it. I don't know what blood type my husband is...I tried to ask his doctor and they said he'd have to go give blood to find out his blood type which is ridiculous because I've never given blood but I was able to find out my blood type lol. Thanks again for the reply.
phoenix31674 replied to peachychick54's response:
I forget when during the pregnancy you will get the Rhogam shot, but there's no reason you shouldn't be able to give birth at a birth center as long as there are no complications.
peachychick54 replied to phoenix31674's response:
I was reading up about it and I think it said they give you one shot at 24 weeks and then another right after delivery if the baby is RH positive.
Brubee replied to peachychick54's response:
I am Rh negitive and on my third pregnancy. I received the shot at the normal 28 week mark and also I had a subchorionic hemmorage at 10 weeks and had one then as well. I also had a ovarian cyst removal surgery at 15 weeks and may have had one then. ( I was kinda out of it so I dont remember). So there are various reasons to get the Rhogam shot. During my very uneventful first pregnancy I only received one during the pregnancy and one after CS delivery. My second pregnancy I had one after my D&C for my miscarrage. Good luck and I hope you get preggo fast when you want it to happen
kzim517 responded:
No, being Rh neg is not a high-risk condition. Maybe it would be if you refuse Rhogam. But it's not even an issue with your first pregnancy, the problem comes with any subsequent pregnancies if your first baby was Rh positive. you will get Rhogam between 24 and 28 weeks, and then again after delivery. That should eliminate any issues for your baby.
peachychick54 replied to Brubee's response:
Thanks for your reply and well wishes, and I hope everything goes well with your pregnancy

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