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Waiting In Faith
fowlerhome112 posted:
Thank you to all of the wonderful, STRONG women that have posted to this site. Your stories make me feel as if I know all of you and give me peace to know I am not in this alone as I have felt for the last 21 months. I am approaching the two year mark that we lost our son at 25 weeks and was very lucky to have my life. My doctor told me I have a 10-50% chance that it could happen again. The doctor in the same practice who stiched me said she reinforced the areas and doesn't see it happening again. We went to a specialist and he wasn't able to tell you what you want to hear... "Things will be fine"...."The chance is very small that it would happen agian". (Funny how we want to know the chances of it happening again when the chances of it happening in the first place were like 1%.) He did say for me to wait two years before trying again. They would keep a close eye on me, completing a number of ultrasounds as well as taking the baby early after testing. A year ago he put a balloon in my uterus and with an ultrasound machine measured the thickness of the different places in my uterus to see how they were healing. At that time it had only been 6 months. He said it was healing well but thinner than the other areas. Because of this he moved it from a 1 1/2 to two years to be on the safe side. I am trying very to let faith take the wheel as I should but it is hard because I just want to either move on as a mom of one beautiful daughter or a mom of two healthy children.
Many Blessing To All Of You No Matter Where You Are In This Process. May the Lord meet you and carry your through.
toanh09 responded:
Hi Fowerhome112, I am almost in the same boat as you right now. I had a MC last year around December and now pregnant at 12weeks. My baby had a heartbeat at 6w5d and lost it heartbeat at 8weeks and only measured at 7w5d. It have been 2weeks now and my baby hasn't grown and still has no heartbeat, yet I still have no bleeding, no cramping, and no back pains. I am going to see my 3rd doctor and see what the result if it is the same as my 2 other doctors. I will not give up and planning to go and see a specialist as well. Sorry for your loss last year and God Bless You and don't give up.
fowlerhome112 replied to toanh09's response:
You and your baby are in my prayers!

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