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umbilical vein varix
peyton318 posted:
was diagnosed with umbilical vein varix at 31 weeks the dialation measured 16mm-20mm or 1.6cm- it is very rare and hard to find alot about it. I am very scared for my baby and my specialist said she had never seen one dialated that big before..has me really concerned i am being monitered twice a week once by a specialist and once with my doc. Is any one going through this or has been through this. and if so did you have to have the baby by cecerian? what was the outcome?. also has anyone ever heard of it being dialated that much and the risk i am taking? I am 32 weeks now and im afraid if we wait to long to get the baby out that it will be to late
peraspera responded:
How did the situation play out? I'm 33wks now. I was already high-risk because of my history with HELLP Syndrome. They saw a dilation at 31wks; but the doctors have really played it down. The dilation is about 15mm diameter and 20mm long -- I got a copy of my records.-- I also recently moved. I'm used to more proactive and cautious doctors. I had to really advocate for twice weekly NSTs (which is what my old MFM recommended in monitoring for pre-eclampsia) and a weekly hydrops check (a type of ultrasound which one of the doctors mentioned after seeing the varix.) I see different doctors, or have different doctors look at the results after every test, which is adding to my confusion. None of the doctors have mentioned induction or a c-section; they've not mentioned anything besides additional monitoring (and even disagreed on the type of monitoring). They seem to act like an umbilical vein varix is common. But I know it's not. And it seems pretty serious based on what I've managed to read. ... I don't even have a consult with a perinatologist for another 2wks!! I think, at this time, with the additional monitoring and being only 33wks, the safest place for baby is inside. But at 36wks, that's a different story. Or if the varix grows, or if the baby starts showing distress. I wish someone would give me answers. Thanks in advance for sharing your story.

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