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    Incompetent Cervix - Emergency Cerclage (SUCCESS STORY!)
    mlynn927 posted:
    Just wanted to share some encouragement for other women who may be going through this ordeal...

    We went to our scheduled sono appt at 21wks to find out what we are having. The sono tech took a look at the baby, did all the measurements, etc. It's a little girl, and she's perfect! Then she noticed something on the sono that looked odd to her, and decided to do a trans-vaginal sono to get a better look. Next thing I know, we are being rushed to the labor & delivery wing of the hospital -- apparently, I have something called an "incompetent cervix" and my baby is in danger! It was amazing how quickly such a wonderful day could turn terrifying.

    So they got me into a room & I laid in bed at a slight incline overnight before they performed an emergency cerclage the following morning. I was a little over 3cm dialated, and my amniotic sac had begun to bulge into the open cervix. They had to carefully push the sac back up into place inside my uterus before stitching the cervix back shut. By the grace of God, everything went perfectly! I stayed in the hospital for a couple more days & was sent home on strict bedrest -- no work, no sitting, nothing except laying down & getting up to go to the restroom.

    My doctor was very careful not to give us any false sense of hope as to what the outcome might be. Not only was there the chance that the stitches might not hold, there was an increased risk of infection and the possibility my weakened amniotic sac would rupture. We prayed to make it to 24 weeks so our little girl might at least have a fighting chance.

    I'm now 35 1/2 weeks, and finally able to get excited when I think about my daughter coming, rather than dreading it happening too soon! We never thought we would make it this far, and my doctor's excitement every time we make it in for the next appt lets us know that he didn't either. Our girl is growing absolutely perfectly, and other than the obvious, it's really been a fairly easy pregnancy.

    I know that being on bedrest leaves plenty of free time to scavenge the internet for any and all information one can find on what is happening to us and our little ones. There is definitely hope! God has truly carried our baby every step of the way, even prior to discovering my weak cervix. Bedrest has been boring & frustrating, but it has also been a blessing in that I have learned so much more about His love & grace than I ever knew before. Hang in there!
    beckyatmoms responded:
    Thanks for posting this. I am scheduled to get a cerclage in a few weeks, I will be about 14 weeks pregnant with twins. It helps hearing success stories.

    Can you tell me how you felt after the procedure? I will have a spinal during but I am concerned about how I will feel after the pain meds wear off.
    mlynn927 replied to beckyatmoms's response:
    Honestly, I didn't have any pain at all after the spinal wore off. A little bleeding/discharge, of course, but really I felt fine. Maybe a little stiff, but honestly I think that was more my fear of moving around & causing something bad to happen than an actual result of the surgery.

    From what I understand, the prognosis for scheduled cerclages is way better than for emergency ones!
    mlynn927 replied to mlynn927's response:

    We made it! I had my cerclage removed on Monday at 37w1d & are now just waiting for our DD to make her grand appearance. 16 weeks ago I had no concept of ever making it to full term, but here we are!

    Also, I managed to -- accidentally -- stumble across other message boards the night before having the cerclage removed which really made me nervous about it. I know it's probably different for everyone, but at least in my case the removal was quick and easy -- no pain at all (the speculum was a little uncomfortable, but other than that I felt nothing). Not sure if it makes any sort of difference in the removal process, but I had the McDonald stitch.
    mom2aboy3 responded:
    thanks for posting your story i went through the same thing but i didnt have the same out come the first time
    i went for an ultrasound at 19w6d and it was a boy the tech noticed like yours did somehtign was wrong i was kept there until they could get hold of my ob and then they sent me to the hospital where they examined me more and i was 2 centimeters dialated and i was scheduled for the stiche first thign in the morning i went into labor round 1 am on 20 wks and i gave birth to my son still born at 20 weeks
    my third pregnancy i had the stiche done at 12 weeks planned everythign went ok i did go into labor off and on but was able to keep him inside me til 33 weeks when there was no more waiting cause my water broke so he was born at 33 weeks 5 days he was perfectly healthy he weighed 6lbs 6 oz he was 19 in half inches long and had no issues needed no oxygen or anythign other then antibiotics because while in labor i had a high fever and they determined i had an infection in my bladder so they wanted to make sure baby didnt have anythign with him
    fourth pregnancy (this one)i hade the stiche put in at 13 weeks i have had ultrasounds every 2 weeks to closely monitore my cervix everythign is going great until wednesday whhen i woke up at 36 weeks with contractions they lasted roughly 5 hours at 4 min apart then disappeared thhey just had me drink lots of water and rest all is good i am 26 weeks 4 days an di have an appt scheduled for this week with my ob she is talkign bout taking my stiche out at 34 maybe 35 weeks i would of sworn all the research i did said they useually come out at 37 weeks oo this baby is also a boy
    mlynn927 replied to mom2aboy3's response:
    I'm so sorry to hear of your first loss; it's so difficult having no control over what happens in your body. Great news, however, with your oxygen needed even is very exciting! I will definitely be praying for your LO to keep cooking for several more weeks still! 34/35 weeks does seem a bit early; my doctor & the perinatologist he conferred with both said 37. I wonder if it is because your previous little boy was on the bigger side at 33w? No clue, really...

    Thanks for sharing your story; keep us posted, if you have a chance!
    mom2aboy3 replied to mlynn927's response:
    hi i am 32 weeks today and had an ultrasound done on monday and found out the baby is weighing in at 5 lbs and there is alot of excess fluid around him not sure what that means but i havent really found out to much for it other then its not really good but better to have to much then not enough my perinatologist says he will remove the stiche around 36 weeks unless in 2 weeks i go in and theres still to much fluid or more then what was present on monday but wont know for 2 weeks or if i go into labor and my water is broke im hoping i can keep this little guy in me for a while more i have been having lots of braxcinhicks lately and i know hes already in position and head down and turned face up i have to go see my ob tomorrow and we will go from there have you had your baby yet and how are you doing
    mlynn927 replied to mom2aboy3's response:
    Thanks for the update -- I hope everything goes well during the remainder of your pregnancy! Not sure what the excess fluid would mean either. 32 weeks is not too shabby though! Of course we want him to stay in for several more weeks still, but the stats are really good if he does come early. If it is of any help, my girl was head down (and way down there!) from at least 24 weeks on, & I had BH for weeks & weeks.

    Thank you for asking about us! I'm sorry I forgot to update sooner; Liesel Grace was born on March 3 -- at 39w6d! She was 6lb 12oz, 19 in long, and perfect. We are both doing great, and have been so incredibly blessed throughout this whole ordeal.

    I realize you posted this a week ago....have you gotten any further news from the doc? Hoping for great news!

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