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    In need of some opinions....please..
    snowfox1331 posted:
    So i am expecting my 2nd child. my son came out great and healthy when i had him. And with my 2nd, there are alot of complications that are showing up on the ultrasounds. They are seeing a abnormal cyst on the back of the neck, fluid surrounding the stomach, possibility of a cleft, and possible abnormal heart rythms, I am 19 weeks as of this past tuesday. which for me and my fiance is exciting and the baby does have a strong heart beat. But the OB i was/am going to keeps throwing the abortion option out in the open to me and my fiance and family, no matter how many times i've told her i won't do it. Which for myself is something i stand by strongly. She referred me to a high risk specialist which she said she knew for a long time he had kinda pushed the subject of abortion as well...and I have nothing against Dr's and i know they are only trying to do their job but its to the point where I feel like my decision is'nt being noticed nor i guess in a way as a patient respected on that part... Im not sure if anyone has been in a similar situation but anyone willing to give some advice on anything ive said bout the dr's and the pregnancy i would greatly appreciate it...
    phoenix31674 responded:
    I would push for specific reasons why they are pushing for abortion. Clefts can be very easily fixed. The others are things that are harder to pin down without the diagnosis of what they think is causing those symptoms. Have they offered an amnio which can provide more certain answers about any syndromes the baby may have?

    I have read many posts here about mothers who have had fluid seen around various organs in the middle of pregnancy but to have those go away before birth. I can't say I've seen much about cysts on the neck, but when they say 'possible' abnormal heart rhythm, I wouldn't use that as any sort of decision making point. I would want them to be able to definitively say there was something fatally wrong with the baby's heart.

    Definitely push for them to tell you why. I know there are some people who will consider abortion rather than deal with a difficult and possibly fatal start to life for their baby, but there are others who persevere and while the first year or so may be very tough, the baby goes on to live a healthy and normal life. I would want to the doctor to be able to guarantee to me that the baby would not survive outside the uterus or would have an incredibly poor quality of life hooked up to machines with no hope of getting off those machines before making a big decision like that, but that's me.

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