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Whether to treat certain diseases in pregnancy
An_243320 posted:
My husband is a biochemical engineering Ph.D. and knows the harm of man-made chemicals, but I am a pharmacist, so coming from my perspective, if benefits outweigh risks, medications should be taken to treat an illness.

That being said, with me now into my 16 weeks of pregnancy and I consider myself a high-risk pregnant woman since I was previously diagnosed with depression and must stop taking all antidepressants because my husband advised me so, I may have more problems in line. I need to make an appointment with a perinatologist to discuss my issues and whether illnesses should be treated during pregnancy. Although he is a Ph.D., my husband is certainly never trained in the medical field as I was, so despite my repeated persuasion concerning the necessity of taking medications if necessary, he is strongly against it. My opinions often coincide with those of the doctors since we are all trained in the medical field, and since I know about pregnancy categories of drugs, when I am ill, I can actually find a drug that's in pregnancy category B (it's hard to find one in pregnancy category A; usually only vitamins and minerals belong to this safest category) to treat my illness. Yes, both my husband and I agree on certain things, such as no alcohol, no smoking (both I don't do anyways), no raw or uncooked meat or even hotpot because uncooked/raw meat can carry parasitic ova, and find fish that's low in mercury content. But it's hard to persuade a Ph.D. when he firmly believes something because he thinks he knows everything. With him believing the harm of all man-made chemicals, it's hard to persuade him that medications have been given 3 phases of clinical trials before they have been submitted for NDA, and passed the FDA safety and effectiveness checks before they can be marketed for sale, and there are post-marketing surveillance to monitor drugs on the FDA website. We can have such vehement arguments regarding taking medications during pregnancy yet with him being so persistent in accompanying and interfering with the doctors' decisions, that I would rather individually visit the doctors' office.

If anyone here is in the medical field, I would like to ask to confirm or disprove my knowledge: what if a woman has severe depression, parasitic infection, or bacterial infection during pregnancy? Should she be treated with medicine? I have a lot of knowledge of medications since I am a pharmacist and when given an illness, I can give you all the options to treat the illness and check up their pregnancy categories in a minute. I don't understand why I am stuck with such an ignorant yet stubborn husband. I am kind of fed up with his stupidity yet stubbornness along with a bad temper when he insists in his ways that I am ready to call it a quit! If a pregnant woman is not kept alive and well (benefits), how can she properly nourish a baby in her (risks)? And since I can quickly choose a medication that can treat an illness in the pregnancy category B, for example, Z-pak for a bacterial (cold) infection or Biltricide for a tapeworm infection which just requires a short duration of a one-time dose, I don't understand why I need to keep on listening to a layman who insists all medications being bad and all illnesses being caused by medications (I can't believe his stupidity when he said that the other day). Honestly, I am visiting the doctors myself without him. Another question is, what if a pregnant woman is discovered to have cancer during pregnancy? Should she be treated? I would like to get some expert opinions on these issues. Another thing with him is, I got yelled at for half an hour for getting an ultrasound at 9 weeks since he believes ultrasound can harm the baby. He was threatening to sue the doctor if anything happens to the baby. I seriously almost want to leave him at that time! Anyhow, thank you for your opinions.

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