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Talking baby after having a preemie
kmiller2130 posted:
My little girl was born 4 yrs ago today, 16 weeks premature. I had some bladder infections and it caused me to go into early labor. I bled a lot during the labor and delivery and both she and I almost didn't make it. She's now a beautiful 4 yr old and has no real health problems to speak of. My hubby and I would like to try for another child but we are scared of how things could turn out. Anyone else have a similar situation? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
mom2aboy3 responded:
hi i to had a bladder infection which caused me to have my son early i wasnt as early as you were my son was born at 33 weeks 5 ays gestation he was born very healthy he is 5 now i am 26 weeks 4 days pregnant somehtign my ob has done is i have a stiche in my cervix i am monitored every 2 weeks i am gettign the progesterone shot once a week also sugguest you make an appt with your ob and talk about what your options are and your risks of another preterm birth also if you take alot of baths when youd o get preg i would sugguest maybe once in while but not all the time my ob was pretty sure that had alot to do with me she said that my cervix was weak and was able to let fluid in it and it traveled and all also holdign my pee could of done it just no real telling and all some wemon are prone to diffrent infections when preg and some arnt i hope you make the right decision for you and your family and good luck i hope my story helps you

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