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Factor ll Mutation
JenR88 posted:
I have had 5 pregnancies. First one was healthy, second i miscarried at 14 weeks, third conceived two months after D&C-healthy, fourth unknown pregnancy and miscarried possible twins unsure how far along was told possibly 3 months or so, and fifth i miscarried painfully at 8 weeks along. After the last miscarriage my OBGYN did a habitual Abortion blood panel to see why I have miscarried so much. Found out I have the hereditary blood clotting disorder call Factor ll Mutation where my blood clots too much. I got a referal to see a Genetics Counselor about it but its several months out and I have been trying to conceive for over a year. I was put on Clomid to conceive this last time. But now nothings being done in the mean time. I cant get on birth control because it raises the blood clotting risk. If I get pregnant I fell that all I can do is nothing. Will baby Asprin help me not lose it or what? I don't get why I have to wait around about half a year to get help with it because that's the only opening they had. Isn't there someone else that can help me sooner? I have no idea what to do.
Mcmclaugh responded:
Dear Jen, I have have factor II mutation as well. I'm am currently 36 weeks into my first pregnancy. My doctor put me on blood thinners three weeks into pregnancy to prevent blood clots, I'm unsure if you have tried this but it may be your answer. I would ask your doctor about Lovenox injections or Heprin injections. Also there is a non hormone birth control out there, which is okay for women who clot, it's called para guard. Hope this was helpful, wish you the best of luck. -Megan

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