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psych drugs and pregnancy
angelathoma posted:
am going to try for a second pregnancy but have panic attacks and bipolar while pregnant with my son i had no problems stopped my meds and i was fine. i became pregnant last february stopped my meds and had anxiety and panic attacks to the point that i couldnt function, i ended up losing the baby a 9 1/2 weeks we really want a second child and would like to try again immediatly. has anyone else gone through this or know of any medications that are safe during pregnancy im terrified of a repeat of last time. i now take paxil trazadone and xanax. any info would be appreciated thanks
33yearsyoung responded:
im taking paxil and cant get preggos on that. but i know prozac is ok for preggos and that maybe taking a lot at first then adjusting the dose the further along you are. im worried that i may not be able to conceive a child after 15 years of taking meds for ocd. im on birthcontrol and have never had kids but want one later on. maybe contolling the panic attacks and not the bipolar would be a better solution. the bipolar maybe effecting the panic attacks. or vice/versa. so only taking ONE med is better than none. and no pregnancy is the same. and i would make sure that ur doctor montiors u VERY closely. and def not be able to breast feed

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