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~Just blown away~
Misssunshinesmiley posted:
~Wow! I sit here in awww and tears reading all of your posts!~I too 17 years ago (1995) was pregnant and at 2 months I found out that I had a hole in my sac, Dr's put me on strict bed rest and said everything would be okay, I just had to hang in there until 7 months than they could take the baby...At almost 6 months, I went into labor and my daughter was stillborn ~ I was told by the Dr that this was just a bad pregnancy and I could still have childern....I was scared to death to even try to have another baby...I went into a deep depression and tried my best to live everyday...Years later, (2008) I did decide to try again only to be disappointed yet again...At 9wks I found out that I had a tubal pregnancy and was rushed into emergency surgery...I almost lost my life that day...I had to have a blood tranfusion and lost my right ovary and tube...They were destoryed due to the etopic pregnancy ...All I have left now is my left tube/ovary...On July 4th of 2011, I was rushed to the Er with a PE in my right lung due to birth control..However, now Dr says I too have Factor V blood disorder!!!! I now sit and wonder if both my pregnancies were lost due to this disorder!!!! I do beleive they were!!! It just went undetected for so many years....I currently take warfarin on a daily basis and probably will for life!!!! I want so MUCH to have a child, but am scared to death that everything will happen all over again!!! I have for many years felt incomplete due to not having a child...In December I will be 35 and feel as if my clock has ran out!! After reading all of your posts, I now do not feel all alone and lost!!! I am so very sorry for all of your losses and pain...I too know how awful that pain is and how deep it runs I wish you all the best in life and pray you all have the healthly, happy babies you deserve!!!! God Bless each and everyone of you!!!

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