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oldermom posted:
Hi - I hope I have some words of hope and encouragement for all of you. My son is now 24 YEARS OLD and this was discovered in him in utero through an ultrasound. I am happy to say he is a healthy, strapping, strong young man with no health problems at all. He played sports from a very young age right through college. He was checked as soon as he was born and my 9 pound 10oz baby was put in neo-natel unit to be checked out for urine out take etc. He was followed until he was 2 years old by the pediatrician and urologist and my recollection is that his kidney either disentegrated or shriveled and was no longer working . At age 2, we were released from urologist with the following instructions -- he will live a long, healthy life, but don't let him play football, ride a motorcycle or handglide. He's lived a perfectly happy life without ever having to do those things. He did play basketball at the college level. The worry would always be to not have anything happen to that good- kidney, but he has as much chance of something happening to the good kidney as anyone else. I was repeatidly told that the good kidney does the work equally as well as 2 working kidneys. So, I know this is scary to learn of anything not "perfect" with your child, but I want you to have hope that your child can potentially have a very healthy life. best to all of you

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