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Partially separated placenta
bethcard0630 posted:
I'm 29 weeks today and have been in the hospital since yesterday for a partially separated placenta. I had some severe stomach pains and after having an ultrasound at my ob, I was sent here. Has anyone else had this? The doctors haven't told us much of anything. I've been given the first of 2 steroid shots to help his lungs, but they are holding off on the magnesium for his brain. I've had no active bleeding this entire time and my little boy looks great on all the monitors. The doctors said my placenta and uterus should be flush against each other, kind of like ll (sorry that's the best visual I can give), however mine look like this: l) and have a blood clot in between them. Has anyone continued to have a full term pregnancy with this? I'm very scared and in complete shock.

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