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BadWolfArianna posted:
I am currently pregnant, I haven't seen a doctor yet and have entered into the general idea of the third month of pregnancy. My partner says that there's really not much they do for you at this point seeing as you can't see the baby or anything, although I know proper health care is important at all stages. However we don't have health insurance and cant afford it. He refuses to let me try some form of health aid from the state. He's very prideful as you can tell. I'm taking regular over the counter prenatal vitamins and trying to get a job so I can get health care.
A few questions I have are
1. I heard hot baths/showers are bad for babies, how true is this and to what extent does the possible damage go? I hate cold water!
2. I've got a cold and am sneezing/coughing like crazy, can it hurt the baby?
3. If I go to the doctor now and get health care a little later, will it still take care of what its supposed to, or only kick in afterwards?
chas7968 responded:
You need to stress to the father that going to the doctor is very inportant. And if you have no health insurance then you can always go to the health department or a Planned parenthood center. You need to be check. And they CAN here the baby's heartbeat and you will get a sonogram as well to makes sure the baby is healthy and alive.
They said is ok to take a warm bath or shower. Just don't sit in there for hours.

Good Luck!
BadWolfArianna replied to chas7968's response:
Thanks! I did manage to convince him about getting medical. Part of it I suppose is that we all were really sick and he's just worried. Much of it I suppose is the stress of trying to find a home right now! Thanks for your help. I love baths but I normally don't stay there for more than an hour anymore since I get uncomfortable.

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