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could i get pregnant
An_217244 posted:
I started ovulating on april 16th. I had unprotected sex three times that night. He pulled out but put it right back in and pulled out again and so on. Do you guys think it's possible that i could get pregnant even thougth he pulled out.
An_217245 responded:
Ok seriously, every website, book, school, etc. tells girls that you can get pregnant even if the guy pulls out. That is NOT an effective method of birth control. And since he ejaculted and then entered you again, multiple times, you have a great chance of being pregnant. There would have been plenty of sperm on penis that would have entered your vagina. It's pretty much pointless of him to pull out if he was just going back in again. Even if he were to wipe his penis off, chances are he wouldn't have effectively removed all of the semen. Also if it was your bed and semen got onto it and you didn't change the sheets you could get pregnant. Sperm can live up to 7 days.

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