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Weigh Up and Down First Trimester
lbcash posted:
I am now 10 weeks pregnant and I have gained two pounds, then lost those two pounds and another half a pound. So, I weigh half a pound less than when I started. I have Crohn's but I haven't had any symptoms of a flare up and I really don't want to go back on my meds unless I have to (even though they say Cat B meds are safe). I called my OB's nurse and she said that fluctuations in weight during the first trimester is normal. Anybody else having fluctuations in there weight?

Also I weigh in at a healthy BMI.
kjensen15 responded:
Yes my weight has fluctuated as well! I am about 9 and a half weeks. It can be caused by the amount of water you've consumed, what you've eaten, or what time of day you weighed.
lbcash replied to kjensen15's response:
Thanks for your reply! I still haven't gained any weight yet but with this being my second child my belly has actually started to show, and that kind of makes me feel a little better. I go to my first appointment next Thursday.

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