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It Has Been 1 Year & A Month And Still No Pregnancy
An_217252 posted:
Like the title says it has been a year and a month and we still have not concieved. I just dont know what to do anymore.......
lenono97 responded:
Sorry to hear this. Have you talked with your MD? I believe if a woman has not conceived after a year it is the appropriate time to start talking to a specialist about infertility and what your options are. Good luck!
Penguin0404 responded:
Were you on birth control previous to try to concieve? I was on the nuva ring for about 2 years before I started trying to concieve and it took us 10 months to get pregnant because the birth control wasn't out of my system for those 10 months. The longer your on birth control the longer it takes to get it out of your system. Also usually doctors don't start getting worried until about 2-3 years of trying without conception. But you can always opt to go see a fertility specialist anyways.

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