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What is going on?
littleandolini88 posted:
I'm 23 years old and I've been taking birth control since I was 17. My husband and I were without jobs and couldn't afford birth control for a period of time so we've been using the pull out method to prevent pregnancy. I stopped taking the birth control in the beginning of June. I haven't had a period since I've stopped taking it and it is now almost September. I thought this was normal after stopping. During the last week or so I've been getting waves of slight nausea and over the last week my nipples have been really tender and kind of sore... but I just started having period-like cramps a couple days ago. I'm so confused and I just want to know if I should be worried.
MsEboni responded:
It may be the side effects from you not taking the birth control meds. You were on them for so long you body was used to the meds. But another reason this could be happening is that you could be pregnant. Go to a local free clinic in your area they would be able to help you futhermore. I hope this help you

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