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whos likely the father of my baby
lovelygirly47 posted:
please i need advice no judging comments plz!! so i have a boyfriend and we have ups and downs we had a fight and broke up.everytime we would have sex he would ejaculate in me three to four times a week the thing was we've been trying and never gotten pregnant and than i
i had a one night stand but with a condom i felt guilty and didn't let him finish he ejaculated after i pushed him off and the condom didn't have a tear or a leak i made sure but it is very odd to me that 7 months weve tried never gotten pregnant and now that i sleep with someone else protected im pregnant ? im super paranoid and i want it to be my bfs baby im very scared i need some advice!! whats the chances of the other guy being the father ??@?@?
gogogog responded:
I think there is a 50% chance it is either one.

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