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Could I be pregnant or Im I having what they call it fake pregnancy symptoms
Danigirl24 posted:
August 15 was the last time I had intercourse with my fiance. Then Aug 22 my period came and as far as I remember everything was normal. Then Sept 27 my period also came with cramps and sore breasts as always. I also had my period come November 1st after about a week of cramping, but this last period was accompanied by Nauseas and Vomiting. Not everyday tho. At times I wanted to vomit throughout the day sometimes in the morning and sometimes at night. I had completely lost my appetite for food for a while. Now I am back at eating normal I eat just a little bit and I get full quickly. My stomach growls a lot even if I eat. Specially at night it wakes me up in the middle of the night. My period were a little lighter then usual. My periods always lasted about 6 to 7 days but this 3 last periods were about 5 days. So that was like 2 or 3 days of blood and 2 days of brown discharge. after my last period went away I started having lower back pain right now I have lower abdominal pain that feels like cramps and it feels tight like someone was pushing down on my stomach. I so far did 3 pregnancy tests. 2 while on my period, then another 4 days after my period and a last one this morning. They all came negative. So I don't know if I'm too stressed about it or what? but I still have lower abdominal cramping and tightness and lower back pain. Can someone please help me I don't know if I should get a blood test..
lexysmommy09 responded:
dont know how much help this is but.... when i got pregnant with my daughter, i had y period for the first 3 months like nothing was wrong but i was puking in the middle of the night <which i thought was bc of the stress of mine and my bf of 3 yrs breaking up> and then i took 3 pregnancy test the day before i went to the doctor and they all said negative... imagine my surprise the next day when my dr told me i was 3 and a 1/2 months pregnant.

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