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Could I have been pregnant and had a miscarriage?
An_246087 posted:
I know there was a slight possibility of being pregnant. I was a week late of my designated start date for my period. About two days before I should have gotten my period, my sense of smell became heightened, certain foods made me nauseas, and dairy products were a no because it made me gag and feel sick to my stomach with just a bite or sip. Some three days later I had pelvic pains. It would last for about 5-10 seconds and go away, then come back later when I moved. The next day I had pink vaginal discharge. The following day after that, I woke up with strong cramps (and I never get cramps while on my period) and I had a heavier flow than usual. I also had a lot of blood clots. I would also become lightheaded throughout the whole day. This continued to the next day (today actually, today is my second day with the heavy flow), minus the lightheadedness. Throughout this whole time, my lower back has been feeling a bit tense but I assumed that was normal for me since that happens a lot. Does this mean I could have been pregnant and had a miscarriage?

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