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jeandowney posted:
I live in Grand Junction colorado, and i am concerned that the doctors in this town cant tell me how far along i truly am. the reason that i say trhis is because of the pure fact that my first missed monthly was back in november of 2012. it is curently april of 2013. i took a pragnancy test in early november when i missed my monthly. when it came out nagative i just thought that maybe i would be late. then in december i missed my monthly again, i took another test and it came out positive. just to be sure i took another test a week later and it also came out positive. so when i got to thinking about it i thought that maybe in november it was just to soon for the test to tell for sure. in december i fell coming out of worek. i didnt fall hard, just slipped in the snow. i didnt have any pain so i wasnt concerned about it. the next day i went into work and was in tuns of pain so my boss made me go to the hospital. when i got to the hospital, they did an ultra sound and informed me that i had a small tair between the yoke sack and the uterin wall but it was small enough that they weren't all that concerned and the told me it should heal with in the next week or so. before leaving i asked them how far along i was, they said judgeing by the ultra sound i was 6 weeks (a month and a half). then in january i went in to see my family doctor. this was about january 22, 2013. when seeing her she said judging by the ultra sound that they did at the community hospital back in december too her i looked like i should be about 12 weeks. now think about that, does that make any since to you? one ultrasound 2 different doctors, 2 totally different amounts of time. then i went in february 8,2013 for the second ultra sound on my baby. now this is what gets me here. when talking to the ultrasound tech about how far along she thinks i am she says judging by the size of the baby and the way the baby looks, i am about 8 weeks.

can anyone tell me if i missed my monthly back in november 2012 how far along would that make me in february 2013. i dont know what doctor is telling the truth about how far along i really am. im not even sure they know. but going by my first missed monthly i am thinking that i sould be about 6 months. my family doctor is saying 7 months, the community hospital is saying 5 months, and the ultasound tech that i last saw is saying 5 and a half. is there and doctors in grand junction colorado that know what they are doing and if so can someone give me a name and phone number to call i am looking to change doctors. thank you

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