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Getting worried but not sure if okay or not!!
An_253795 posted:
I really need some advice. I am currently 24 weeks and 4 days pregnant and I have a lot of complications in the beginning of my pregnancy but have been decently smooth sailings since (second child). However over the past hhmm about 2 weeks or so anytime there is a strain on my belly like vomiting, picking up something decently heavy or even slight pushes for a bowel movement and I get this pinkish red discharge but it goes away almost as quick as it comes. Also, my kidney have not yet but are starting to form crystals (crystals=kidney stones) and today I have been in severe pain from my kidneys and on my sides (as if pain from the ureters), I took tylenol with lunch but after the pain was starting to slowly go away I ended up vomiting all my lunch( and im assuming the tylenol) and immediately after the pain came back. However, when the baby is active there is no pain in my pain or on my sides but yet I will get a cramping and shooting pains in my lower pelvic area and also get shooting pains in my bladder as if the baby is kicking it hard but I know the baby is not causing it. Sorry this is so lengthy but I just really need some advice because when I go to my dr or even when I went to the ER they seem to completely blow me off but it costs $300 dollars a visit for me to be seen by my doctor so I would really like some help as so what this might be and if it is really necessary to go to the doctors. Oh btw my mom works in the medical field and she says it could be hydronephrosis. please help me!!
katietigerlily responded:
Some symptoms sound like Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, or SBD:

At least one or two of your other symptoms sound like they could be resulting from vulvar varicosities:

In any case, I sure hope you feel better!

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Mom of 4 TTC again =D in need of some advice and willing to give some too :)

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