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Is it normal to be hungry ALL the time during pregnancy?
JennXMVC posted:
Every since I found out I was pregnant I have been hungry ALL the time. I cant seem to satisfy it. Been drinking water until I live in the bathroom, I dont have morning sickness and I eat regularly. I didnt have this problem with my first child, just curious if anyone has any advice.
chocolatej responded:
no advice really but I have been the same way...but if I were u I would start doing some light exercises, I plan to start soon!! Im already the weight I was at term with my first child...not good!!
JennXMVC replied to chocolatej's response:
I havent gained a pound and I am entering my second trimester..i literally could not eat enough
RachelNuke responded:
I'm feeling the same way...can't eat enough and not much MS. I have a little nauseau a few times a day, but nothing bad.

I would recommend exercise. Don't start to heavy, and if you already exercise make sure it's not too much. The rule is if you are doing an aerobic workout and you can't talk normal (gasping for air, breathing too hard, etc), then you are doing too much.

I prefer walking at a pretty simple pace. I've noticed that the exercises I used to do (running a few miles a day) are too difficult now...Your body is working so much harder now. (this is also part of the reason you are so hungry).

Also, when you do eat something, try to eat more fruits and veggies. They are lower in calories and have almost no fat, so you won't gain as much weight and you will be full. You will also get more of the nutrients the baby needs this way.

Good luck and hope you have a happy healthy nine months!

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