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Pregnant and no doctors
Cdevine22 posted:
I'm 19 and I have no insurance, no money, nothing. I'm in the second trimester already and I've never been to a doctor for my pregnancy. I've tried everything from free clinics to planned parenthood. No one can help because my parents make too much money, even though I don't live with them I'm under their taxes, and I have no money to get my own insurance. I'm scared that if I don't get care for it soon that something might go wrong. I've been sick, not just morning sickness. I can't even eat half the time because of how bad it is. Also, I had surgery twice when I was at the beginning of my first trimester. My parents can't help me and I'm on my own.
savagefever responded:
You need to go to your counties local department of social services. If you are pregnant you need to get on WIC and Medical Assistance. It does not matter if your parents make to much, its based on pregnancy and prenatal care.
mama2ntk responded:
I'm pretty sure you can apply for medicaid since you're over 18 and and since you aren't living with your parents they can't use their income. Go to your local human resource office and apply.
WordLife09 responded:
You can receive free medical assistants which is provided by the county you reside in because you are pregnant. The service is provided for women who don't have or can't afford medical insurance. Please reach to them because you really need to see a doctor. God Bless.
KrissyDiaz responded:
Wow! What state do you live in?? if you dont live with your parents and your 19 there is no way they should run your parents income. And your not under their taxes unless your in college and they are helping to pay for your college. If your in college living on your own and paying for it yourself then your not under their taxes. And if you are in college most colleges have health care programs. Also did you try public assitance?? If your living on your own there is no way they can ask for your parents income. Have you tried a midwife? most have payment plans and they can steer you in the right direction. Good Luck and i'm sorry about your insurance sistuation. I hope it gets better soon.
firefly19860525 responded:
I live with my dad and they didn't use his income for my medical assistance. It is based off of the fact that you are pregnant and in need of medical attention because of that. Once your baby is born, the medical assistance will also cover your baby. Everything will be ok. I want you to make sure you take it easy though because worrying yourself so much is not good for you or your baby at this point. Also, you can call your county and ask if there are other resources in your area so you can get help. There is always help with diapers and formula and everything a baby will need. Just hang in there and make sure to see a doctor. It will be far less painful to be in debt than to have something bad happen because you weren't seen. If you go to an emergency room for care they can even help you with the county assistance papers because they have social workers at the hospital that are there to help you.
vanessa0989 responded:
i didnt get any help til i was 7 mos preg cuz my soon to be exhusband kicked me to the street, pregnant! i have had all of my tests done.. and everything seems to be ok! i am 40 weeks tomorrow and i am excited! sooo... good luck to ya hunny!
cl1234 responded:
Your parents can't claim you as a dependant at age 18 or over unless you're in college and live with them or on campus and go on their dime. Since you said you are 19 and do not live with them then they can't claim you. Do you have a place to live or sleep? You can apply for assistance, free medical care and go to a shelter for the time being until you get on your feet. I know it may seem horrible but you will get where you want to be, it will take time, work and patience but think about your baby and the life you want for him/her.

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