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Having Cats
indogirl_yr273 posted:
I love my cats, and I know about the Toxoplasmosis, and my cats doesnt have it nor do i. my husband is the only one is cleaning the litter box. I had misscariage twice, one in 2009 and one in 2010. My crazy mom's and among her other friends believes cats are the reason I am not carrying a full term pregnancy. I've discuss the topic with my doctor and he said not true, just dont clean the liter box which i dont. I wanted to know if any of your ladies know friends to friends that have cats as pet and had healthy full term pregnancy??
mommyoa responded:
I have a cat and I am a healthy 7 months pregnant. I have a friend who gave birth to two healthy children who is also currently 7 months along and she has 4 cats.
Sprock replied to mommyoa's response:
I am pregnant with my fourth and we have 5 house cats. I've had cats all my life. It's only the outside cats that eat mice, etc. that have toxoplasmosis as per my vet.

My only worry about cats is that they want to sleep on top of the warm babies.
RachelNuke responded:
I was born into a cat household...I am alive and well, and no birth defects

Also, my mother said one of our cats, Boots, would lie on my tummy when I was a baby and it never bothered me.

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