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Fairfield123 posted:
we found out we were pregnant last week and the numbers were good. then we went to see our specialist for a viability scan and they said that we had a miscarriage. if we took another pregnancy test would it come back positive?
vybe77 responded:
If health profesionals told you you had a miscarriage, as hard a sit is to digest, you should believe take another HPT if it will make you feel better about believing this news but thwy are prob. sorry for ur loss let us know...
Fairfield123 responded:
Thanks vybe77 for your comment. I did go in and have some more blood work done and then I had an ultrasound last Monday and it revealed that the baby was alive, just a little small. I was happy but not relieved because of what we were told and I was still bleeding and really sick. Sadly, my husband and I went in yesterday for another ultrasound and found out the fetus is now dead. I can't say we weren't dissapointed and saddened, but we were kind of expecting it. We'll just keep trying. Thanks.
lady_samwise replied to Fairfield123's response:
I'm very sorry for your loss and I hope all goes well with trying again. it has taken me almost 8 months to get pregnant again after I miscarried my first pregnancy, so keep at it, it will happen.
vybe77 replied to Fairfield123's response:
Im sorry tohear this news Fairfield 123...I went through what's called a chemical pregnancy in march...thought I was pregnant but kept getting mixed results...negatives and positives all in the same week??? So I went to the ER (since I have no fam. Dr.) and the checked via vaginal u.s. and found an empty sac...they explained that growth stops during these chemical pregnancies and they dont know why...everything just seems to stop...we are trying again but fiancee and I are worried about the next positive we'll get...Best of luck to all of us :)

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