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Water break
momof2andwife posted:
How can you tell if your water is leaking or if it is your bladder?
downrightdaffy responded:
First off, smell your undies. If what came out stinks, it's urine. Amniotic fluid has very little, if any, odor. When my water actually broke, it was a big mess that included some blood and the rest of my mucus plug. I had to sit on the toilet while my husband got everything ready because the flow just kept coming. Your body will continue to produce amniotic fluid, even after your water breaks, so you won't see the flow taper off or stop. If your water is just leaking, again, it will be a constant stream, albeit a lighter one than a full break. There's no harm in making a visit to the doctor to get checked out. I did that once before the actual event, and was reassured that I was just producing a large amount of cervical mucus which is perfectly normal. However, if you ignore the fluid and it turns out to be a leak, you could be putting your baby at risk for infection. Just go ahead and call your doctor and get checked out.

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