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Personality in the womb?
JenEthan posted:
I'm a first time mother and I was just wondering if anyone felt that their little LO has a personality already? I'm worried mine is going to be fussy, picky and a night owl. He gets upset at night (up moving around all night) and if anything touches my stomach it hurts and he goes nuts in my tummy moving around. This has been a terrible pregnancy and my LO, bless his heart, is making me sick and miserable. Is anyone else a believer in this? Any moms who have experience with children have any advice? I don't know if this is true or not but I'm interested to know what everyone thinks. Do babies have their personalities already in the womb?
JenEthan responded:
Also do you think because my LO is active at night now it will be a constant night owl when it's born? I'm only 20 weeks so do things change throughout your pregnancy? Will he ever sleep through the night lol?
donniefan responded:
I do believe there is some truth in that. My DD was always kicking away at things that bothered her, my underware line, the position I was in, she would kick at me till I turned over. She is 5 now, such a sweetheart, but the bossiness that was in the womb has come out in her little personality. She is a take charge kind of girl. I love it tho, at least she will not let herself get pushed around at school and has hight self esteem. As for when your baby comes out, sometimes newborns have their nights and days mixed up. For awhile you may have a night owl but it will soon correct itself!
AustinJess responded:
I've heard that many babies are more active when their mom is resting (which of course means they're going to be very active at night). They are more comforted and restful when we're active because of the rocking motions. I found that to be true with my son. If I was worried about feeling his movements I'd stop and rest for a while. That's usually when he'd "wake up". : ) Also, I was very uncomfy during pregnancy. He always had his little foot in my ribs but he is really the best little boy a mom could ask for. I'm sure they have some personality in the womb but I don't think the actual difficulty of the pregnancy has anything to do with what kind of kid you'll have. Hope that helps.
Jess40005 responded:
Yes personality can show in the womb but its not always the case. When I was preggo with DS he hated anything tight on my belly and would kick my pants and underwear! I had to watch what kind of pants I had on because he would kick until they fell down After he was born he hated anything confining or tight and don't even try to wrap him up LOL he would scream and wiggle until he got out or you took him out. He also would run from and kick at the dopplers and ultra sound wands. He hated loud noises and music when I was pregnant but he loves music now loud or not. He loves going to the Kentucky Headhunters concert every year.

A sleep pattern. I wouldn't put much into your LO's sleep/awake pattern yet. they don't really develop one until right around third trimester. Your movement still kind of rocks them to sleep right now.
hsd1980 responded:
My DD was very laid back in the womb and very laid back as a baby and toddler. She was most active at night, but as a newborn she was a great sleeper as long as she was on one of us....not so much anymore. This baby is more active, but I'm attributing that more to him being a boy
aspangl1 responded:
At my last d/a I told the Dr that I'm feeling LO move ALL THE TIME! Day and night. He teased and said "Active babies will make active mommies." But I've heard from other mommies that their LO's were super active in the womb but very calm babies. I'm hoping for the latter!
JenEthan responded:
Thanks so much for the insight ladies! This is just an interesting topic. I can't wait to meet and see what my LO is like, it's going to be so much fun!
Queenjen87 responded:
Oh yeah, definatly believe there is personality in there.

My LO figured out that if she kicked my bladder, I went to the restroom and she had more room to move! She also will kick my husband's hand when he messes with my belly.
HotMomma87 responded:
I've actually heard from friends and family that if you have a horrible pregnancy, your baby will turn out to be really good and sleep thru the night and not be fussy, but if you have an amazing, symptom-free pregnancy, that your baby will come out active and a night owl and be really fussy. This has turned out to be true for about 80% of the people I talk to... so who knows? Good luck!
TrainToRead responded:
Both of my sons had distinct personalities in utero. My oldest gave me heart palpitations and he is still very active at six years old. I called my younger son a jokster when I was 3 months pregnant because I thought I'd lost him. He is quite the clown today, always hiding stuff and very sneaky. Just as importantly, I read to them throughout my pregnancy. Babies can hear at about 6 months gestation, and there's some research that indicates they can learn too! No matter, there's nothing that soothes them more than mama's voice. Read more

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