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fried sushi?!
tg220 posted:
I know I can't eat raw fish during pregnancy but tonight I went out and ate fried sushi. Is that ok?!!!?! I think it is..but I just want to make sure. It was sooo good. lol
Kimjj514 responded:
as long as it's cooked it's fine. So I'm guessing if it's fried that means it's cooked? For some reason with both this pregnancy and my last I've craved sushi like crazy....or at least I did before the hyperemesis kicked in. But with my DD I craved sushi the entire pregnancy.
misundastQQd responded:
Whats sushi taste like?
Larich_408 responded:
usually i order tempura fried rolls when i'm pregnant... but i do eat the raw stuff too every once in a while. nothing bad ever happened!
staceyj0709 responded:
mmmm. I ate a lot of sushi on vacation, mostly with cooked fish/eel/crab, whatever. But I did have a couple spicy tuna and spicy salmon rolls that were raw. The restaurant was very clean and legitimate, though. I would never eat sushi from a sketchy sushi joint, that's for sure.

Any sushi with fish that has been fried is just fine.
MeganLynn28 responded:
I love Sushi! Oh how I miss it so!!
tg220 responded:
Thanks! Makes me feel so much better. I could eat it every day. I usually get the crunchy crab roll and the tempura crab.
sunyflwr responded:
If you are really worried, you could tell the waitress that you are pregnant and your cooked sushi can't touch any cutting boards or knives that were used for raw sushi or sashimi.

I miss sushi too!!! The fried rolls sound interesting. I love anything fried!! I have never seen that type of roll before at a restaurant around where I live.
FoundinHim920 responded:
My OB told me that even raw sushi isn't harmful for the baby, it is just the fact that if you get sick from eating bad sashimi as you could when you were not pregnant, the effects will be worse on your health because of your decresed immune system. My DH and I LOVE sushi and I have had a few lapses where I ate sashimi, but I have been good at usually sticking to the cooked stuff. We also go to the same places, places that I know keep their sashimi at the right temps. Also, our favorite place knows I am pregnant so they are extra careful!

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