Oregon Maternity/Disability Leave ?
smheath83 posted:
Hello Ladies,

I just wanted to touch base with all of you and see if any of you knew if Oregon offered any kind of paid maternity/disability leave. I recently spoke with a friend who indicated that California did and she was able to collect unemployment/disability (legally) for 3 months (maternity leave for 6 weeks, family leave for 6 weeks) after her son was born although I have been unable to find out if Oregon offers anything similiar.

I really would like to take three months off when I have my son although I will likely not be able to unless I have some form of income. I would greatly appreciate any advice/help/links.


P.S. I have worked for my employer for 3 years although they only have 3 employees so I do not believe that I qualify for anything Federal

Me(26) DH (33) (DSD 12) and due Mothers Day (May 9) 2010 with DS !
Jill_en responded:
I lived in CA for a long time. Its not the state that offers free disability. That is a seperate insurance program that her employer or she herself had signed up for. The unpaid leave is FMLA and all states do that, but you employer has to have over 50 employees to be forced to offer it. The best thing to do is talk to your employer about what they offer because the state itself probably won't have anything.
Ingawahkiki responded:
California, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and Peurto Rico are the 6 places that offer TDI (temporary disability insurance) through the state.

They are all funded through state income taxes and cover 6-8 wks after birth depending on what type of delivey. 6 wks for Vaginal, 8 wks for c-section.

California is the only state that offers family leave as well and that works the same way

Oregon is one of the few states that uphold FMLA for firms smaller than the federal mandate, however the requirement is 25 employees.

The link below this explains all of this.


In states that don't offer TDI your best bet is to talk with your employer. Unfortunately from the sounds of it, they don't have to offer you any pay or even a position if you take time out. I guess it just depends on what type of boss you have.
tabby62010 responded:
Hey, does Washington offer maternity leave to us self employed people!?!
mrshwood responded:
In Oregon they have OFLA and FMLA...both are unpaid 12 weeks but with pregnancy disability you get a total of 24 weeks and can get unemployment for disability due to pregnancy. I live in Oregon and am researching since I am due in february and am prone to being put on bed rest