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heart chambers....
kimgreen22 posted:
I had an ultra sound done at 20 weeks and 2 days. I went back to the DR 2 days ago at 24 weeks and 2 days and they said I have to go have another ultra sound done on the babies heart because they could not find all 4 chambers in her heart! I have to wait 4 more weeks to go back so she is bigger and cannot move as much! I am so scared what does this mean? Can she live without all 4? Her BPM was in the 140's at my appointment and in my 20 weeks ultra sound it was 152... is it normal to drop like it is? Should I be this worked up over it?? I need answers please!
crfisher05 responded:
We had this SAME issue with our first child. Her 18 week ultrasound they were able to verify her anatomy was good, except for the fact the doctor could not see all 4 chambers of her heart. We had to do a repeat ultrasound at 22 weeks and everything was wonderful. We now have an amazingly healthy 2 year old. Sometimes on an ultrasound the doctor just isn't able to get all of the views necessary to look at everything. Just like when a doctor is not able to verify the sex, the same thing happens when looking at the anatomy. I wouldn't even worry about it at this point.
sorox responded:
Hey Kim- First, yes, the HR can fluctuate quite a bit, especially since our LO move around. As for the four heart chambers, I am an Echo Tech, so I do ultrasounds of hearts. I have seen people live with hypoplastic Ventricles, which is basically one of the ventricels is much smaller than it should be. The thing about ultrasound is, we can't always see what we need to and we ask people to come back. I know it can be VERY scary, i've had to tell people the same thing basically, but try and relax. Right now, she's in a wonderful place (your tum) and as she gets bigger, it will probably be much easier to see those little chambers. We scan neonates, and it is hard when they are on the OUTSIDE of the womb. So don't get discouraged quite yet. I hope everything works out for you and LO.

Kristal (27), DH (28), DS-Seth (7), DD-(3), EDD June 16, 2010!!
kimgreen22 responded:
Im trying to relax and not be so paranoid but she did move alot in the ultra sound. We had about a 30 minute ultra sound done and she did not stop moving once, It was very hard to see that it was a girl!! She is a very active LO always moving and kicking and turning, I feel her all the time! Im just scared to know there is a chance that she will have heart problems! The Dr told me she doubts the baby does not have all 4 chambers so that was some what good news to hear
Sarah342012 replied to kimgreen22's response:
Hi Kim! I know it has been a long time since you posted this but I am wondering how you and pregnancy progressed after your news? I have just been given similar news and I am looking for some positive stories that tell me my little one will be ok. (Baby has been diagnosed with 3 correct sized chambers and 1 tiny one) but also other complications in the heart. Hope you are well, Sx

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