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    PreEclampsia w/o 'high' pressure
    TagaSeguchi posted:
    So for about a week I have been having severe lower abdominal pains and back pains, headaches, seeing stars or lights flashing, everything that seems like it could be preeclampsia except my blood pressure is 109 over 62 which seems odd to me since my numbers never go above 90 over 53 but the Dr yesterday didnt seem worried (course this was an ER doc at a hospital I hadnt gone to) I have had a bad bad bout of vagintosis (?) for 4 months now. (I am 23 weeks along at the moment) and am on my third medication just finishing that up and it hasnt cleared up. I dont know what it is. I read about the meds that I am on and the infection and it raises my risk of preterm labor considerably which worries me as well as all this pain. Most everyone is telling me to stay in bed until I feel better but unfortunately that is impossible with a two year old with special needs at home as well. Drs are telling me to drink more water but that is about it...(I drink about a gallon a day :eyeroll: )
    kwood1687 responded:
    I am sorry everything seems to be going badly without cause or explanation. That sounds very frustrating. Maybe try calling around to other OBGYN's and ask their opinions? I would be as concerned as you are, and unfortunately I have no real advice for you other than to keep calling around until someone can give you some better answers. Good luck hun!
    babymachine2010 responded:
    I know it's hard but try not to worry too much, that can cause your bp to go up. I had a pretty bad idney infection last week that had most of the symptoms that you're describing. A lot of doctors will tell you that some back pain is to be it all over pain or mostly on one side or another? How is your urine output? I had pre-e with my daughter and it was pretty scary. My bp was way high and I was swelling out of control. Have you noticed any severe swelling of your face, hands, legs. Have you had any protein in your urine at past dr. appts, or at the er? Pre-E is nothing to play with and I certainly hope that you're not heading down that path. I would call your on call doc and explain what's going on and hopefully they can put your mind at ease.
    TagaSeguchi responded:
    I have had protein in my urine my shoe size has gone from 7.5 to just about a 9. My urine output it all the time it seems, since he is sitting on my bladder I havent worried about that. I have been tested for a kidney infection but that is fine. My back pain is mostly lower middle. With my first son I didnt even feel him move the entire pregnancy it was so easy the only thing with him was I was almost 3 weeks late. No pain during that pregnancy at all.
    TagaSeguchi responded:
    Bugging the Dr again tomorrow since now I feel like I have a UTI... So not cool
    MrsIvey responded:
    I don't want to alarm you at all, most likely you're fine. However, you have had protein in your urine! That is not good. This is EXACTLY what happened to me and I had SEVERE pre-eclampsia. I was ignored b/c my bp was never considered "high", but it was high for me. More to point, it was steadily rising at each appointment. There is a lot more to pre-eclampsia than just bp. Do you get a very bad indigestion-like pain when you eat? That can be a sign. They need to do urine and blood tests. Please please PLEASE go to your reg doc for this. Blame me. Tell them I scared you. And you know what? It doesn't matter if you look like the mom who cried "wolf". If I had been less concerned with that and pressured my doc more they may have caught it before it turned into HELLP syndrome. Mine got so bad my liver ruptured. I am very very lucky to be alive, no thanks to my doc. He/she doesn't always know better what's going on with you than you do. Please update us ASAP.
    TagaSeguchi responded:
    I go in next week to get checked out. Whenever I mention that my blood pressure is usually really low they tell me that my regular doctor should have me on meds to raise it...and that I should eat salt on my food (I hate the taste so I never add any just deal with what is naturally in the food) I am gonna bug them until they do at least a blood test I should be due to one anyways since I also have apastic anemia (which is a blood disorder)
    MrsIvey responded:
    Well, it isn't so much the low bp as a steady rise. Are they saying why you have protein in your urine? As far as I'm aware (which of course I don't know what's up with your particular situation) protein in the urine is not a normal thing. When I checked into the hosp the day I had DD they did a protein test on my urine and that was the deciding factor "yes, we found protein in your urine, therefore you are having this baby today." Anyhow, I'm just worried for you. I hate to see anyone anywhere NEAR to going through what I went through. It was the worst experience I've ever been through and if there had been some way to avoid it I would go back and do that. Please do update us after your appointment. :chagrin:
    TagaSeguchi responded:
    Well this is what week two or three of this and yay for added symptoms including but not limited to weakness and tingling in my limbs.

    This is getting ridiculous so much in fact that my husband and I talked last night about insisting on inducing labor at 30-32 weeks. All these problems are taking a toll on my health and how I take care of my two year old with special needs. At the moment he is the most important thing to me and he needs his mommy to be able to talk care of him and give him the attention that he needs. I hear tho that drs will not induce labor unless it is medically needed, but what about for the well being of someone else? I talking this over with my parents as well and think that I am doing a very mature thing in putting my first child first although I have been wanting another baby so bad and this is going to be my last chance to have one.
    I'm willing to wait til 30-32 weeks to give the unborn child at least a chance... I know I am horrible for this and know alot of people are gonna hate on me for it, it's not like I am aborting the child. I just need to take care of myself so I can take care of my two year old
    JessWilcox replied to TagaSeguchi's response:
    but this is your baby too! I am shocked that you can feel so detached from the LO growing inside you. I understand you have another child, a lot of us do. Some women are on bed rest for months and have other children to care for. I don't think its up to you to induce labor that early, that's a choice a doctor would have to second and I'm not thinking they would. you would be putting your second baby at an increased for so many health issues in life. What you are talking about isnt "mature" its not about you wanting another baby so badly. Your baby is already a person too. Doesnt he/she also deserve your love and care? I also suffer with headaches complete with vision disturbances and tingling limb. It amazes me that a woman could feel so little for her unborn child because she doesnt feel good. If your doctors aren't seeing a problem, chances are there isnt one. Maybe you need to check yourself and the severity of your problems. I'm sorry to sound so rude but this just really bothered me.
    KLN777 replied to JessWilcox's response:
    I think it's totally unfair to judge someone until you've walked a mile in their shoes. I think this last post is heartless and lacks any kind of compassion at all.

    If you, your husband, and your dr decide that it is safe and in your family's best interest to induce labor, don't let anyone make you feel like a bad person. I have been working with families of children with special needs for the past 11 years. I don't know what your specific situation is, but I know it is never easy to be the mother to a child with special needs. And I have been there with the mothers of children I have worked with when they have had tough decisions to make- although, I confess, nothing this difficult. Needing to take care of your two year old does not mean that you don't love this baby. I know you are in such a tough place and I am sorry for the decision you have to make. Just be prepared if the dr is less than enthusiastic about your idea to induce labor. I'll be praying for you. Let me know how you're doing. Best of luck to you and God bless.
    ttrishh replied to KLN777's response:
    While I sympathize with you and your situation, I know it is hard being pregnant, especially when you are having a rough go, and it is made worse by having a toddler at home especially one that is special needs. I have to say that I completely agree with everything Jesswilcox had to say.

    I am having a very hard time with this pregnancy as well, I have hyperemsis, my pelivis is already dislocating and causing such bad siatica and pain that I can barley walk. I am getting migranes, I am absolutely drained and I could go on and on. I also have a toddler at home that I am dealing with esentially as a single mother as we do not even see my husband during the week. But that is part of being a mom, especially a pregnant one. If you can not handle feeling like this and dealing with a special needs child what you need to do is find some outside assistance for your child.

    First of all no reasonable Dr is going to induce labour that early unless your or the baby's life is in danger and if they do they deserve to loose thier license. Have you given any thought about the long term effects this could have on your baby. While some babies born that early do live normal lives, there are so many things that can go wrong. What about the fact that you would be increasing your chances of now having to care for 2 disabled children simply because you could not handle being pregnant for a few extra weeks. I am sorry I know you are having a hard time, and probably posted this looking for support which is what I normally try to offer. But in this case I truly believe that the best support we could give you is a reality check.
    TagaSeguchi replied to JessWilcox's response:
    well when they are threatening to take my first child cause I cant take care of him due to being on bed rest and such I really dont care about this new one. My first one wasnt suppose to happen, I was told that either he or I or both would die before or during labor when he was born he had a hole the size of a half dollar in his heart two days before his surgery the hole was gone having healed itself..He's a miracle and I dont want to lose him.

    I want another baby but if it risks losing the other I know my choice.

    The drs arent seeing problems cause they wont run tests. They check urine, and the heart beat unless I tell them I have to go to the bathroom before the appoinment they dont have me do a urine test. And these are the best drs my insurance will cover.
    KLN777 replied to TagaSeguchi's response:
    What a terrible situation. I am so upset by the things that other people are saying to you. Please don't let them get to you. I could never imagine the situation that you're in and what you must be feeling. Your son clearly is a miracle and I'll be praying that God has another miracle in store for you.

    And to people who say terribly hurtful things in response to posts, I think that's really crappy. I thought the whole idea here was to support each other. I think you all should thank God right now that you aren't in this position with this decision to make. You may think you know what you would do, but until you've been there, it is really unfair to judge at all. And didn't your mothers ever tell you, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all"? I think it's just a good rule of thumb to be compassionate vs hurtful.
    DaleCDean29 responded:
    Wow after reading what your going through and the posts that follow I must say wow. It seems like your certain you have Preclampsia, I can't say I know how that feels. However I can say this much, if your toddlers well being is effected by your pregnancy try getting some one to come help for a couple of hours a day.I know its not much but its better than dealing with it all by yourself. Also as for the inducing at 30 or 32 weeks wow my sister had an emergency c-section at 35 weeks my nephew is now 2 and will not talk and has already had the risk of needing a heart transplant. Please make sure your making the right choice for you and your baby. Making choices because your uncomfortable or over tired is very selfish. Having said that and given that your having so many issues with your pregnancies my heart goes out to you. However don't make rash decisions because your not feeling well.

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