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When does your uterus start to move
ladibuggit1 posted:
Does anyone know at what week (appx) does your uterus start to move up out of your pelvis?
AngelFace1201 responded:
I'm not quite sure I understant what you mean by "move" up out of your pelvis. The bottom of your uterus is just above your pubic bone and the top grows upward, but it never "moves". All your other organs move out of the way though!
letoya1980 responded:
Good question. I've been wondering the very same thing. Im almost 17 weeks and I dont think my uterus is out of my pelvis yet..but its really hard to tell just by poking from the outside. Hope someone on the board has an answer.
ladibuggit1 responded:
I think I found the answer to my own question lol here it is in case anyone else is wondering... "Doctors will often order ultrasounds during week twelve. This will allow for a more accurate estimated due date by measuring the fetus from crown to rump. The uterus itself has become too large to continue sitting down in the pelvis and it will start to move up into the abdomen. The blood volume has continued to increase and the heart rate will start to rise a few beats a minute to be ale to circulate it all through the body."
JMK1980 responded:
My doctor told me your uterus usutally "pops up" between weeks 18 and 20. I'm not sure exactly what that means...I thought it meant your uterus popped up above your pelvic bone...but according to below I must be wrong!
letoya1980 responded:
So its at about 12 weeks? Well I guess mine HAS grown out of my 5 weeks ago! lol I feel a little silly. :sillygrin:
tarahlw responded:
My doc told me around 12-13 weeks it starts to extend above the pelvic bone.
Tavensmama responded:
hmm.. well then i wonder where mine is at almost 22 weeks?? I cant tell where the top of my uterus is. ?? anyone know that answer
xngsmom responded:
I am 16 weeks pregnant, and my doctor just told me that your uterus should move up out of your pelvic area about 18-19 weeks. In my case, because it is my third pregnancy, and my body knows what to do, it moved up over the past week. You usually will feel some cramping as it happens.
Camjcw1138 responded:
I know I am posting very late in this but I am confused!!! I am 17.5 weeks and my OB staid my baby is still DEEP in my pelvis..they said they will not be concerned unless I am 20 weeks and baby still doesn't move... What can happen if the baby doesn't move out of my pelvis? I get severe pelvic separation during pregnancy (this is my second). I am afraid of a miscarriage or pre-term labor... can someone explain to me the risks of the baby not moving out of the pelvis?
megspencer responded:
usually I think is is about 12-14 weeks when the top of the uterus is above the pelvic bone once you are around 20 weeks it should be just about level with your belly button. I find the easiest way to feel it is to lay down and start poking my finger in my stomach a little bit and all of a sudden you will feel your stomach get much smushier lol that would be where the top of the uterus is sitting. Also sometimes if I am standing and do the same I can push in on my other organs much easier a preggo uterus doesn't really like to move in cause there is no room :) HTH
mrswelchiswaiting responded:
i noticed the area right above my pubic bone where the baby used to be start to flatten out around 18 to 20 weeks and at that point i coud feel the baby kicking around my belly button. now i have definite "bubble" starting from the top of my tummy to right about where my the top of my panty line is and then its flat down to my yahoo :) so i'd so everything shifts up around 18 to 20.
Martina85 responded:
i am 15 weeks today and just noticed that my uterus has really popped out. i am small so i don't know if it is different for every woman. my boyfriends eyes bugged out when i showed him!
ESHmom responded:
my midwife was able to feel that my uterus had grown around 12 weeks. Each appointment since, it's grown higher and higher in my abdomen. At 22 weeks I'm about even with my belly button. You can kind feel it--a tight ridge. I think for me, around 16 weeks, my uterus was about 3 finger widths below my belly button.

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