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KLN777 posted:
Is anyone having anemia during their pregnancy? For the last few weeks, I have had a lot of bouts of dizziness, light-headedness, and I've had several episodes of shakiness. It just occurred to me that maybe it could be anemia? I was wondering if that seem to be consistent with what anyone who definitely is anemic is experiencing. I have a dr appt a week from Monday and I'm trying to decide if I should ask about being checked out for anemia. I think either way, I'm going to mention how I've been feeling b/c it's pretty concerning to me, but I don't want to sound stupid asking specifically about anemia if I'm confused and what I'm experiencing is nothing like it. (One of the reasons I started wondering about this is that I've been having to force myself to eat for the last few days b/c I have no appetite at all. And making myself eat has made me realize certain foods that I just haven't been able to eat at all, like most meats and vegetables- and I know that red meat and dark, leaf vegetables are the best sources of iron.) Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
MicheleVH responded:

Sounds more to me like low blood sugar, especially if you're having to force yourself to eat. I have really bad anemia (last time it was checked it was 9.1) and I don't have any of those symptoms on a regular basis. I DO have those if I don't eat on a regular basis (pg or not). Today was one of those days. I got up and ate breakfast and then started cleaning the whole house, putting LO's things away, and just moving non-stop. At about 2 I was really out of breath and getting shaky and then it occured to me that I hadn't eaten since breakfast. I ate a sandwich and was fine a few minutes later. I too have to force myself to eat as nothing sounds appealing to me anymore. As long as I eat or at least drink a glass of milk every two to three hours I'm fine.

HTH and GL!

orin34 responded:
I am most definitely anemic as well..... I have had these symptoms before, but it seems to me that if you are that bad than it would have been caught already. For example: I was anemic BEFORE I got pregnant and my anemia has only gotten worse.... and they zeroed in on it right away when I went through all my blood tests..... I have only had a few 'episodes' of what you are describing (and that is with anemia pre-preggo and it being a continuing problem) , but maybe that is just because I am used to dealing with it and managing it. Talk to your doctor about it and see what he/she says, but usually it takes time to get so bad that you would have symptoms like that... and like I said, since they have to run so many blood samples (at least they have on me) you would think that they would have caught on that you were anemic (if in fact you are)....
4everhis responded:
The dizziness and light-headedness sounds like anemia to me. My doctor diagnosed that I'm anemic, I also have those symptoms, as well as being extremely tired and feel really weak (my heart beats really fast after going up the stairs, bending over, etc) I would definately mention this your oc, on the norm my levels are at a 12, they are now down to an 8. With pregnancy #2, they went down to 4 and I ahd to have iron injections 3 times a week via IV. Not trying to scare/worry you, but it is something that can be easliy fixed and you'll feel so much better! Good luck and I hope this helps ~

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