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What are YOU eating?
snaps_mcgee88 posted:
Alright, since we all LOVE the cravings and foods when being pregnant what are some of the things you've been eating/craving?

Today, for breakfast I had whole grain wheat toast with honey butter and peanut butter! I've been craving chocolate like crazy, spaghetti/pasta, cheese, pickles, cinnamon rolls, breads/bagels, ice-cream, macaroni and cheese, fried potatoes, and many many more things!

Jamie (me 21), Andrew (hubby 22), Zach (cat baby 2), and to top it all off with a cherry: our little Aubree Chyanne due June 9th, 2010!
jle09 responded:
I've been sick since Monday so I've eaten very little. I had half a biscuit for breakfast and for lunch a cookie and 1/4 a personal pan pizza from Subway.

I have been craving cheddar cheese (really anything with cheese in it), ice cream, and hard boiled eggs. Most recently I've started craving fried chicken from KFC (which I normally hate).
Taylove11 responded:
I have been wanting comfort foods and foods I ate a lot in my childhood. Things like, mac and cheese, pizza rolls, ramen noodles, hamburger helper, etc. I really need to ty and eat better.

Taryn (22), DH (29), 2 furbabies. PCOS & MFIF. Clomid&IUIx3=BFP!!! HR 112 bpm (12/18), HR 142 bpm (2/22)
Rubyl33 responded:
This little girl has been fairly picky this entire pregnancy. Lately though she has wanted peanut m&m's and orange juice!
tamliz08 replied to Taylove11's response:
I've been craving milk a lot. I've been drinking a ton of it. I think that's been my only craving so far.

I haven't been craving sweets, which is really weird for me. I normally eat a lot of chocolate and junk food, but right now I have no problem staying away from it! (That's not to say I've been eating healthy - I could probably do a lot better in that dept!)
Erin9139 responded:
Bacon and hot sauce, not necessarily together, but I have to keep telling her that it's just not good to eat THAT much pig! But I've been putting hot sauce on pretty much anything and everything. I've stopped cooking because my husband says everything I make is inedible, and we both LOVE hot food!
MizLeah responded:
I have been eating tons of fruit yogurt, spaggetti or tomatoes in general, and I love potatoes w/ cheese. LOL Oh ya and I never drink milk and have been drinking at least 3 glasses a day.

Leah First time Mommy - It's a girl 27 weeks and counting
da1queen_z responded:
okay, so I was a big beautiful woman prior to pregnancy, so typical bad eating habits were normal for me... however since becoming prego... I LOVE FRUIT AND SALAD(w/ranch dressing)! I have always loved milk as well, but now I can just chug glass after glass if I don't stop myself.... and I know its not good to eat a whole lot of cold cuts, so i limit myself quite a bit... but I love Jimmy John's sub sandwiches! i wouldn't say i "crave" anything... just really like eating those particular things....
kfitz responded:
I have been craving Frisch's burgers with tartar sauce! I usually hate them, but now I can't get enough. I am also craving Chipotle which I did with my last pregnancy too.
mommy2be1978 responded:
I've been craving cocoa puffs and since my hubby is gone for a couple months, that is what I've been eating for dinner. I NEVER buy sugar cereals, but this is my chocolate fix! Also, any type of rice, but that isn't abnormal, as that has always been my favorite food!

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