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    OhBabyTaylor posted:
    Okay...I am 20w4d with my first and I feel HUGE!!! Well people are making me feel HUGE!! I'm very short which means I have no where else to go except out, and that's how I am doing....but to this day I have had FOUR PEOPLE ask if I was having TWINS! What is wrong with people, I've learned not to ask if people if they're pregnant, let alone are they having twins! Grrrrr!!!!
    snaps_mcgee88 responded:
    Trust me, I have the same issue/problem. I'm only 5'0'' and have always been pretty small. I weighed 107 pre-pregnancy and now only 127-130 with my first baby. Its all in my tummy and boobs! Ever since I was about 14 weeks people have been mocking me/joking around/making rumors/telling everyone I'm having twins. It makes me soooooooo mad!! I atleast have a reason for a gut, unlike some of the people making those comments. We've had 2 sonograms and both times everything went perfect and our baby girl is growing great and is very healthy. But, still when telling people that they say that twins can hide behind the other. But, the fact is I'm NOT having twins!! It just really irritates me to repeat myself over and over again. So, I completely know what you mean!
    jle09 responded:
    Although I think it"019s completely rude and wrong - most people feel that being pregnant makes you public property. They can comment on your changing body, impose opinions you about parenting methods, delivery, names, ect., and TOUCH you.

    It baffles me, what if the person they are talking to isn't pregnant, or has recently suffered a loss, people getting serious foot in mouth syndrome around gorgeous glowing mommy to bee"019s.
    mrsk32 responded:
    People are rude. I have the same problem too - I'm only 5'3" so I have no where else to go but out. There is a shirt I want to buy that says...

    No it's not twins.
    Thanks for asking.
    Bye now.

    I know I'm going to get that question soon enough.
    KLN777 responded:
    I wonder if a smart little, "No, but are you? How far along are you?" might shut some people up... but then again, I may be a little mean... :)
    UGAmomof2 responded:
    Hey Candace. Girl you haven't seen huge until you see We need to get together soon!!!! A prego's day Call me and let me know when you are free!! Tons of hugs AND I'm sure your not huge!!!
    dwaw02 responded:
    Yes, same thing...mainly my co-worker though, and she doesn't bother me...but finally I emailed a pic of myself taken the night before DS was born, just so she would see.

    Most people are being cool where I am...but I think it's b/c I'm beating them to the punch. It helps having done this before I think.

    Angela, DS (5), EDD 7/25/10 Pink Team
    jacks1mom responded:
    I work at at hospital and one of the drs i work with says to me,"How many babies are in there?" I was shocked! Who says that? He did survive this comment, however he got a very dirty look.
    imreddy responded:
    You're right, people are very rude! My mother taught me a long time ago to never assume a woman is pregnant, even if it is OBVIOUS she is. Because there is always the chance...that she's not. Since becoming pregnant (with twins, ironically), I have had people pat my belly without asking (I'm overweight as it is, I wasn't showing, and they were pretty much just playing with my fat) and what makes me really uncomfortable - people joking that I name the children after them. At least, I hope they are joking. I am about 8w2d pregnant, and while I eat nearly constantly, I haven't gained any weight (due to eating healthier quantities of food, instead of what I used to eat) and I'm just starting to show (I'm also 5'10").

    I can guarantee you that if you blow up at the people for being so insensitive and rude, or even better - start crying and carrying on about how fat you are - they will NEVER broach the issue again. Your excuse for your outburst? ...You're pregnant.
    ClosetRocker responded:
    I had a bright yellow shirt on yesterday and some guy told me that I looked like a "cute teletubbie" (or however the hell you spell it). OMG, I could have killed him.
    bugs1981 replied to ClosetRocker's response:
    I had a patient tell me that I was having a boy and when I asked her what made her think that she came right out and said if it was a girl you would only carry in the front but you are all over so it is a boy...boys grow in your butt! Keep in mind this is a patient that I have only cleaned her teeth 2 times...this was the second time!
    imreddy replied to bugs1981's response:
    Don't you love how everyone knows best, Bugs? And Closet, that is one of the most underhanded compliment I've ever heard.

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