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placenta previa
malekalalis posted:
In my ultrasound yesterday the doctor mentioned that I have slight placenta previa in which the placenta is low and near the cervix opening. He did mention that maybe it might move as the baby grows.I am now 19 weeks and 4 days preggo right now. I'm somewhat worried about it because it is not covering the cervix but there is that little bit of worry since I have never had this with my other pregnancies. Has anybody had this happen before and what was the outcome?
jle09 responded:
I don't have any experience yet with it, but I do have marginal placenta previa this pregnancy. My placenta is laying about 2" from my cervix. As your doctor probably already mention to you, I'm on "pelvic bed rest" and they will be doing extra ultrasounds to check to see if the placenta has moved up - If it doesn't move up, I will need a C-section.

Of course, this is all probably information your doctor has shared with you. I have read that marginal placenta previa has a better chance of being pulled up because it isn't completely covering the cervix opening.

I also understand your nervous, but try not to worry about it now, wait until you've had ultrasound towards the end. As you and I both have mentioned, there is a good chance it will fix itself. I just keep trying to remind myself that if I have to have a section; it will be worth it to keep myself and the baby safe.
kfitz responded:
I had placenta previa with my first, but as my uterus grew my placenta moved up off of my cervix. Yours will probably move too. Before week 20 1 in 3 women have the condition, but at birth only 1 in 200 have it, but you may want to talk to your SO so he is prepared for the possible limitations (bedrest and sexual limitations.)
MtnPrincess responded:
I had this with my last pregnancy. By the time they did a check at 28 weeks, it had completely moved up and out of the way! 90% of the time that is the case. There's really not a lot to worry about with it. If your dr wants you on pelvic rest (no sex) so as not to irritate it since it's so close, that would be your only concern. Mine said it wasn't necessary, not that we were DTD very often, lol. Basically for me it just ment an extra u/s. :)

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