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figgie0905 posted:
My dh and I have picked out names that we really both love and agree on. We are yellow team, so we've chosen Benjamin Julius (dh's middle name is Julius) and Margaret Weeks (Weeks is my paternal gramma's maiden name). We both really like Maggie for a nick name. I was totally on board with this until it occured to me that I have a great Aunt named Margaret. While I don't have any issues with her, my gramma and her have been in a forever feud. They drag all of us into it as pawns. My DH is adament that he doesn't care if they get mad, he likes and wants the name. I figured I would just tell my gramma that the babies name (if applicable) is Maggie and that's it. Its not like my aunt is nicknamed Maggie (they call her Peggy, how you get that out of Margaret I'll never know). Does anyone have any diplomatic suggestions on how I should go about this. I really do like Maggie, however, I'm tired of being in the middle of my gram and aunt's fight.... it's just going to climax I bet from here...
KBratt responded:
I wouldn't associate the name with her...if anyone brings it up just respond that you didn't even realize it was her real name since she goes by Peggy & add that you really want your DD to be called Maggie anyways.
jsmanning replied to KBratt's response:
You could always go with Magdalyne...hmmm not sure how you would spell it. May not even be your style but it is another "Maggie name".
Debaroonie replied to jsmanning's response:
I like the idea of Magdalynn. I also agree with the other post, you didnt evem think sbout it since she is called Peggy. My own thought.....If you are gonna call her Maggie. why not just name her Maggie?
kfitz responded:
Maybe it is a sign that this baby could be what brings the family together. Let your gram know that you had decided on the name before you realized and when she mentions it is your aunts name just act surprised and tell her it is a sign! What better reason for her to put her differences with your aunt behind her than a new baby in the family!
figgie0905 replied to kfitz's response:
Thanks Ladies... My mother is concerned that if we do this that my gramma will have too much stress... she had a stroke in December. So I have the added guilt of my mom on me. My gramma doesn't show much emotion now, so I don't know how much she would tell me how she feels. I think we may go with just Maggie. I appreciate all the input though!

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