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Morning Sickness Advice Needed
Maggiemae2009 posted:
I have a friend that is in her first trimester and is have SEVERE vomiting and diarrhea.

She has been to the ER several times. She?s even has had IV fluids...the count right now has been 7 bags. Friend's mom says this is like nothing she's ever seen. When friend starts vomiting, she doesn't stop until she's completely empty.

She has done everything the dr's have said. Taken all the meds, but she is still vomiting and having diarrhea. What more can be done? Any home remedies...Taking any suggestions. She's tried the seasick band. Can't keep any type of pill down.

Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks in advanced!
da1queen_z responded:
My dr. had mentioned a "patch" once, it goes behind the ear. I never got it because my insurance didn't pay for it. But she might ask her OB about that.

Just an fyi ... I have a co-worker who from beginning to end of preganancy went every weekend for iv fluids... just as a routine, because she was soooo sick... it stinks, but not any different than like routine allergy shots...
Jennax907 responded:
Wow, sounds like she needs to talk to her doctor. I took zofran and it worked wonders for me. However, ginger tea is supposed to help soothe nause. I hope your friend starts feeling better!

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