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    Smoking while pregant
    jsmanning posted:
    Ah, I am scared to even post cause I know I'm about to get bashed....but I guess I deserve it.

    Here's the deal. I found out I was pregnant in December, immediatly I quit smoking! Did great for about 2 months, then in February, we relocated dispatch centers at work, went to midnights and 12 hour shifts, was around ALOT of excuse I know, anyways I have started back. I know that is SO HORRIBLE! I feel just horrible about it. I'm not smoking a pack a day but I do smoke 6-10 a day. I feel horrible about it . Every day I swear I'm done, then by mid-day I start again.

    Any suggestions as to what to do, how to quit. I think of my precious little baby and I feel like such a failure. I swore I would never smoke, and when I found out, I quit cold it's 10 times harder.

    Any advise, words of encouragement would be great!!!
    imreddy responded:
    First of all, I commend you for trying to quit and being dedicated enough to seek help, even if it's not quite professional! Kudos! Second, my mother smoked throughout pregnancy with me, during breastfeeding, and throughout most of my life. I am none the worse for the wear, and do not smoke, however...I think I have a nicotine addiction because there are times when I'm under great stress that I CRAVE cigarettes so bad!

    Now, as to the advice, I suggest trying to quit by chewing Nicorette, or using a patch, or even inquiring about the new drug that's out that helps you to quit (I can't remember the name, make sure you check to see if it's safe for the baby - Category A or B). If you cannot seem to quit, try researching that new smokeless cigarette. It gets you your "nic fix" without introducing any other chemical into your body besides the nicotine. There is no evidence that nicotine harms your baby (my case may be unique - I don't think my sister or brother crave cigarettes when under stress, but then again, I have an addictive nature).

    My MIL did not breastfeed ANY of her children because she didn't want to quit smoking and pass on the nicotine to her children. I think that the benefits of breastfeeding outweigh any effects the nicotine might have, so I suggest you still breastfeed, even when smoking (unless you had other reasons why you do not want to breastfeed).

    Good luck!!
    4everhis responded:
    I know how you feel! I was a smoker before I found out I preggo and quit cold turkey (although it helped that the smell/taste made me sick!) So I know that it can be rough and difficult, especially when it gets stressful!

    Here are a couple of ideas that might help; first, you can try sucking on some hard candy. My favorites right now are butterscotch and lemon drops. Oh and I forgot about the Dots, but only the red and green ones (DBF eats the rest) and when I can find them I like the all grape Mike and Ike's (great now guess what I want!) Second, try looking up some pics on the internet about smoking v. pregnancy. If you're a visual person this might help.

    I don't have many ideas right now (especially since I got side tracked on candy!) but if I think of any thing else I'll let you know! I hope that it does help you a little and I believe that you can do overcome this, it's hard but you can do it. You have the strength within even if sometimes we have to look deep~ GL and if you need to talk let me know! Have a fabulous night!
    4everhis replied to imreddy's response:
    See I knew I would forget something! like the pp I had a friend who smoked during her pregnancy (2 years ago) and she gave birth to a healthy baby boy, she didn't breastfeed though. Also, I had these new things from Camel (I think it's called SNUS?) but it also helped with the cravings; Although I'm not sure how effects the baby. Again I hope this helps! Later and good luck!
    jsmanning responded:
    Thank you both! (both for not bashing and for the helful advise...) I quit before and started back just cause I was gonna go outside and have one with the girls and then another and about 3 days later I started having the cravings. Of coarse I don't smoke as much as I did but even one is too much .I wouldn't let me baby or children smoke so why should I MAKE them?

    I think some of it, not placing the blame cause I am the only one to blame, but 2 of the girls I work with were like, 'I smoked with all 4 of my kids and they are fine' ...yada yada yada....I don't believe it is healthy therefor I quit to start with. I can't believe I started back. You ladies have been very inspirational I WILL BE QUITTING NOW! Thank you both!
    imreddy replied to jsmanning's response:
    No problem! I genuinely hope you can, and it's great to know you love your child so much to do that for them! And yes, 4everhis, it think it is called SNUS - it's just packaged dip right? I think it still passes tar on to your body and that isn't great for the baby either. It contains all the oncogenes of tobacco because it is tobacco. However, PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong because I've only seen it once and I know I was chewing out the guy who was using it because it wasn't an improvement from his smoking. ...Not that he cared or was trying to quit...
    ClosetRocker responded:
    I'm a ex-smoker and I used to eat suckers. It helped with the whole hand to mouth thing. Just a suggestion
    JessWilcox responded:
    I think its definately important that you put forth your best effort to quit! So many people can tell you stories of smoking through pregnancy and having healthy babies but is it worth the risk? That being said I started smoking at 12 and when I got pregnant at 20 I did my best to quit and I did, except that occasionally I would hit a friends cigarette. I started smoking again when my DS was 3 months! I breastfed him for a year. I was told that unless I was smoking a pack a day it wouldn't even be in my milk. As a PP said breastfeeding benefits heavily outweigh smoking while BFing risk! Especially considering if you smoke your baby needs that extra boost even more. When I got prego with #2 I quit cold turkey almost as soon as I found out because the smell made me sick, that was easy. I started again though when he was 3 months and continued to BF. Now when I found out this time around it was sooo hard to quit. I smoked (just maybe 2-5 a day) the first maybe 12 weeks. But then I quit cold turkey. Its just one of those things. Its hard for sure, I work and go to school where people go out to smoke all the time! I also have kids who sometimes make me so crazy n I just want so badly to have that stress relief. For me though I just don't, I can't. I want to give my baby the best start!

    I'm definately not trying to bash you! I think its great your looking for support in this! The sooner you quit the better for your LO! Since you already quit once you know you can do it again! Maybe start by not buying them, this way you have to bum them which will get old fast! Then tell everyone you know how important it is to you that you quit, this should make them less likely to hand one over if you ask. Good luck!
    UGAmomof2 responded:
    OK, no "bashing", HOWEVER, quit smoking. Tons of hugs!!!
    cornell77 replied to UGAmomof2's response:
    You can do it if you put your mind to it! I was a pack a day smoker before I got preg with my DS (he will be 2 in a week) and I quit cold turkey the day I found out I was preg with him and I havent had one since (almost 3 years now) I smoked for 15 years and I never thought I could do it. I know that if I smoked 1 I would be right back to a pack a day in no time. I miss it sometimes, it was worse at 1st, but now I only want one her and there and it is only for a fleeting moment. But most of the time now I think it smells gross and cant believe I ever smoked. I dotn reallyhave any tips except that you have to take it one day at a time and keep telling yourself the reasons you want to quit and there should be many-esp now that you will be someone's momma!
    -for a healthy baby to be born
    -save MONEY!!!!-not sure where u are from but I live in NY state and it is expensive, not only did I save money from not buying cigarettes, but I dont stop at a store and buy gum, drinks, whatever
    -you smell better :)
    -and you will be healthier to take care of your LO and to live a longer life to watch your child grow old!!!!

    I know it's hard but like i said just take it a day at a time and then once you have even a little time under belt of being smoke free, brag about it! It helped me to think that I went a week, a month, 3 months.....then once I had DS I thought I went 9 months, why bother now. YOu justhave to know you cant have even one! I also chew a lot of gum-still do! That helped me

    Good luck!!!!
    ttrishh responded:
    I also quit when I got pregnant, so I know it is not easy. It sounds like you have already done the most important thing and that is making making up your mind to quit. Once you have REALY decided that you need to quit it is easier than you think. The only thing to say is: just do it.... end of story.

    The important thing to remember is that the way noicotine addiction works: as the level of nicotine in your system drops your body goes into withdrawl and wants more. So if for the first few days you ignore the cravings you are over the worst of it, where you get into trouble is if you give in and have a smoke, what that does is raises the level of nicotine in your body and will make your cravings stronger as that level drops again.

    What I did when I made up my mind is I finished the package of smoke that I currently had... BUT I lit the smoke, had a drag or 2 then threw it away whole! It was a way to trick my brain into thinking that I had full filled the craving without actually having much nicotine.

    Good Luck, I hope that you succeed!
    DaleCDean29 responded:
    BF's mother smoked through all 5 of her pregnancies and all of her children were born healthy.. the only horror story of know of smoking is my sister who lived with 5 chain smokers during her pregnancy needless to say my nephew had some issues at birth. My bff is pregnant with me and she has cut down to 3 cigarettes a day she doesn't think she'll ever be able to quit but she's trying. Either way, pregnant or not its not easy to quit cold turkey I did over a year ago but I am a very strong willed person and once i set my mind to something I do it.
    Lysana responded:
    I just wanted to give you some support and say you're doing the right thing in looking for help! I can't imagine having to quit smoking...I have such an addictive personality - I have so much trouble avoiding junk food, that with something that is chemically addictive, not just psychologically so - it would be so much harder. And when you're IN THE MOMENT, it's so easy to rationalize, and say you won't do it "next time," just "this once".... So, I commend you for looking for help, and for making the effort. It has to be hard.

    Have you talked to your OB about it? Is s/he supportive and willing to make suggestions?
    CL2228 responded:
    Hi there,

    I know this post was 3 months ago but wanted to know how you were doing. I'm 24 weeks and quit cold turkey when I found out. I was ok for about 3 months but lately, I've been sneaking drags of cigs a couple of times a week. I can't tell you how guilty I feel, like I choose my cravings over the health of the baby. All this sneaking around amounts to no more than about 8 cigs, but still it's wrong and I know it. I feel like I can't enjoy the rest of this pregnancy because all I think about is going back to smoking. It could be b/c I deal with depression/anxiety and went off my meds when I got pregnant, even though it has been manageable. Anyway, let me know how you have been doing ok? :-)

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