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Help with sex question!!!
Expectingababy7 posted:
okay so this might be a little tmi but i really need some help!!! So me and my husband have always had a very high sex drive, thats how we got here lol, but the problem lately has not been my want to sex. now my husband is shall i say well endowed so when we are well doing it, it feels like my uterus is being pushed up, now it doesnt hurt but it is not a pleasant sensation and is so distracting that i guess cant continue for very long and me and my husband are getting frustrated. we have tried different positions but it doesnt really help at all. so my question is has anyone else had this problem and what did you do to work around it and what helped???????
tdub089 responded:
Are you getting wet enough? Maybe some lubrication can make it better. Maybe you could do a little foreplay right before so that you can really be in the mood..for penetration...I know the unpleasant feeling..that's part of why we haven't DTD in almost 4 months...these are just suggestions..sorry I couldnt be of too much of help..
Sab217 replied to tdub089's response:
Unfortunately, I do know the feeling. And, again, unfortunately, there's not much advice I can give.

I know for us pregnancy became a very 'boring' time for sex. The only way that was bareable for me was him on top... and he still had to be pretty gentle. Supposedly you on top during pregnancy should help with some of that... but we never found it to be true.

Sorry! :(
tdub089 replied to Sab217's response:
SOme ladies has also posted some time ago...that you could put pillows under you..and let him on top...other than that I have no more suggestions...swrry :(
True_Texan responded:
I'm assuming that you're talking about the penetration being too deep, in which case there are places where you can buy "rings" or something like that which are designed to fit onto DH to keep him from getting as deep which hopefully will make things more comfortable for you. I'm not sure where you buy things like that, but you might try a couple of websites that sell adult products and see if they sell them there. HTH.
bitesizehoney responded:
:( i know the feeling.. and the one time i ignored the 'unpleasant feeling' i felt bruised on the inside for a couple days.. i found that side by side or him from behind was the most comfortable.. but.... it's different for everybody.. this might be tmi, but i do suggest you do more foreplay than usual so he won't last as long... and of course.. there's always other ways of satisfaction.. other than that being gentle is the trick. Sorry there's just no getting around the situation.
ashleyjane87 replied to bitesizehoney's response:
Got the same "problem" (though usually it's not a problem, it's great! lol) but I just make sure I start out on top and finish on top if I'm not feeling "stretched out" enough to change it up. Being on top allows you to control really well the depth at which he can go in, unfortunately, it means you do most of the work. :) Hope this helps!
MarissasMommy replied to ashleyjane87's response:
I've found side by side/spooning is the most comfortable for me right now. Poor DH wants to do other positions, but I"m like - IT HURTS!! Good luck finding some comfortable positions.
KLN777 responded:
I know just what you mean. I wish I had a solution. I just wanted to say, I know how you feel! I'm usually a three times a day kind of gal, but the last couple of months... yikes. It hurts so bad that it has sucked the sex drive right out of me. We've tried all sorts of positions and nothing seems to work. I just give up..
peachyisthelife responded:
Just wanted to point out the reason for the pain. He's hitting your cervix and when you're pg it can be real sensitive. I have felt the same thing. Just have to play around with positions and let DH know when a position hurts so he can stay away from that. When I was pg with my first, I didn't let DH get near me for like 4 months lol. Poor guy.

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