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    September 2010 Due Dates
    Louise_WebMD_Staff posted:
    Due in September 2010? Say hello and introduce yourself to the Second Trimester!
    SLCastle responded:
    I'm Sherri, due Sept 18. This is our 3rd. We have one of each :) We are actually headed out of town in a matter of hours...California first, then onto Shanghai and Beijing China!! Still having nausea/vomitting, soooo hoping I do ok with the food overseas! Got to hear LO's HB on Monday...163. Next appt is the big US! Thinking boy, but hoping for a healthy whatever :)
    Louise_WebMD_Staff replied to SLCastle's response:
    Have a safe wonderful trip!
    Angela03102 responded:
    Good day Ladies!

    I am Angela and I am due Sept 7th! This is our second pregnancy and we will have our big US on the 13th of April. Pregnancy has been totally different this time than it was with DS, and to my dismay, MS is coming back again after taking a break for a few weeks :( I can't believe we have 5-6 months to go!
    Perron30 responded:
    I am due Sept. 4th. This is my first. And boy does this seem to take a long time. I am already ready for this to be done and I am only about 17 weeks.
    bcfrost816 responded:
    I'm Courtney, DH and I are expecting our second! We have a beautiful girl named Peyton, who is 15 months old. I'm due on September 26th!

    This pregnancy has been a little differant, I had absolutely no MS with DD, but this time I've had MS since about week 6, but it has subsided for the past two weeks so I'm crossing my fingers it's gone for good!! Don't really care what we are having, but I have a "feeling" it's another girl.
    williamswifey responded:
    Hello, I'm due Sept 15. I've started a Sept 2010 exchange for all the babies due in that month. I invite all mommies with Sept 2010 due dates to join our exchange!!!
    megcc responded:
    Hi! I'm Meghan, and I recently graduated to the 2nd tri exchange (14 weeks today!). I'm in FL and happy to be back in sandals and shorts, but I'm not looking forward to the heat and humidity that will make the end of my 2nd tri and 3rd tri extra fun (and sweaty). I'm trying to slow down and enjoy my pregnancy, since DH and I are planning to only have one child.

    -Meghan(30), DH(38), EDD 9/23/10 (my first!)
    Expectingababy7 responded:
    Hi im Joselynn, due Sept 11th. This is our first. I had m/s from 6w to 10wks and with no sign of return. The big U/S to find out the gender is on april 22nd. have a feeling its a girl but DH swears up and down that its a boy so we will see. very excited about this baby. was concieved about a month after my husband got home from deployment for a year. YAY!! he is home. we have been married almost 2 years now. though most of it was spent alone cause he was overseas. Cant wait to have our army brat though cause we are goig to see the world with the army. my DH is making it a career. Lots of hugs to my sept due ladies!!!!!
    kfitz responded:
    I am kfitz and I am due 9/6/10. I have a DD that is 7 months old and cannot wait to do the whole newborn time again! I think its a boy but DH swears its a girl. We'll see on April 22nd too!
    sorme818 responded:
    My name is Sarah and we are due Sept 21st. This is our first baby and couldnt be more excited. The wait is killing us. We are very impatient people. We find out if it is a boy or girl in 4 weeks. Let the shopping begin :)
    Rfirstlilone26 replied to sorme818's response:
    Well Hello Ladies
    I'm due Sept 5...So I'm going to find out what gender I'm having in 2 weeks I cant wait,We are going with the 3D/4D ultrasound...Then at 20w I go back to my doctor for the full anatomy of the baby hope everything goes well, So my midwife will not tell me the gender of the baby until 20weeks until they do the anatomy, So I found this place that can do it at 18 weeks, it also in the 3D/4D ultrasound,It comes with two visit for a great price it is out of pocket but i dont care..sounds kinda of bad to go behind my midwife and find out soon but i cant wait any longer...also cant wait to shop too.So when did your doctors let you know??
    jmrb0414 responded:
    My name is Julie and I am due Sept 18th. This is baby #2 and my son is 15 months old. I also have 2 step kids 10 and 8 1/2. I will find out the gender on April 20th. Hoping for a girl but really as long as it's healthy, I don't care.
    ReneeErin replied to jmrb0414's response:
    We are really impatient too and it feels like the process takes FOREVER!!! We're due September 12th with our first and have our big ultrasound April 21st. I think the wait feels even longer because it took a while to conceive. We were going for a May 2009 baby originally! Honestly, I'm just glad there's a baby on the way at all at this point!!
    mae1223 responded:
    Im Megan 23 from Ma Im 17 weeks Due 9/4/10 and find out the sex 4/8/10 this is my second I have a 7 year old boy.

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