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Had a total fat day!
MrsIvey posted:
I remember this with DD. All of a sudden, one day you feel totally huge. Like, not just oh-how-cute-my-belly-is-big but whoa I'm gigantic. I know I'm not, people tell me that and I get it. But today I went to get dressed for work. My boobs won't fit into my bra (normally I would be ecstatic about this... I'm only a b), my boobs and belly wouldn't fit into my medium sized motherhood maternity tank top, my ass pretty much had to be shoe-horned into my jeans. I seriously felt like the Stay-Puffed marshmallow guy. My hair looked like crap too on top of it all (don't get me started on having naturally curly hair.)

I feel huge already, totally unattractive, very bovine-like, and now I don't fit into my clothes. (I know in my head that if this is the biggest issue I've got today I'm doing pretty well!)

Just had to vent to those who would understand.
jsmanning responded:
lol! Too funny! I know what you mean though! Weird part is that I have actually lost a pound since I got pregnant....however my stomach is huge! I'm a thick-chick anyways so big butt and big thighs and big everything is normal for me. But my stomach looks like a swallowed a huge beach ball and I am only 19weeks. I figured since I was chunky already that it would be a while before I showed...WRONG!
DaleCDean29 responded:
Love the curly hair line I also have curly hair and people are always saying oh it must be nice...Some days I want to slap them and say do you realize how much conditioner I have to use just to comb this

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